Friday, 20 November 2009

A busy week

Welcome to my blog....

I have created this to show you all the lovely Shabby Chic furniture that I have been giving a new bespoke lease of life too.

This week I have been really busy sanding, priming and painting, but the hard work has paid off, as I have now started listing finished items on to eBay which thankfully has been getting a lot of interest.

I am so pleased now as I can do something I love whilst getting to work around the hours to fit in with my children Hannah and Max.

I really enjoy looking at blogs with stylish interiors and love recreating the same kind of look with a budget that I can relate to, so doing this is also a great way of helping other obtain an affordable Chic style of furniture that I think would look Fantastic in any home x
P.s it's also great for the environment.....

please have a look at my photo's, "what do you think?"

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