Thursday, 7 January 2010

New Year ~ New decor...!!!

Whilst enjoying  a break over the Christmas holidays,  I have had  a chance to sit down and explore all the great blog's that I have been joining,  I must say I have throughly enjoyed looking at them all, not only do people post  beautiful inspiring  picture's & photo's, they also seem to be like a little on-line community, which I think is wonderful x

  I have recently put up some Laura Ashley's Summer Palace wallpaper in my bedroom, which I think looks lovely, but the rest of the room is now looking a little boring and needs some depth, so when I was in Ikea the other day I was chuffed to spot some pale blue duck egg velvet curtains, I thought fab that will help to spruce up my dull bedroom, but guess what ? none in stock!!  I came home a little disappointed.
So the next day I made it my mission to find a pair, I rang Ikea to be told there was only 1 pair of these curtains in the whole of the UK and they were to be found in Manchester, which is a six hour round trip for me. I have to laugh I told my friend Charlotte my dilemma and bless her she was prepared to come with me all that way even in this weather, Now that is a true friend !!


  1. I hope you had a lovely holiday! I totally understand what you mean about blogs being an online community...I feel the same way and am so glad to have found your blog.

    Your friend is a true friend indeed! Share photos once you complete your decorating...I would love to see the finished result.

    Joyful days and many blessings to you!


  2. WOw, the duck egg velvet curtains sound amazing! Duck egg and velvet are two of my favourite things! It sounds like you newly decorated bedroom will be totally amazing! Please post some pics for us! he he! Yes, you are right, there is an amazing community here in blog land. People you will most likely never meet but who you can call really good friends. They are supportive, inspiring, funny and will always pick you up when you have your wobbly days! Once you become part of it, it is difficult to imagine not ever doing it! Have a wonderful day! xxx

  3. Great friend indeed - before I got to that part, I was already thinking ... go girl, make a "trip" of it, go alone, go with a friend, have fun, what the heck, life is short!! Hope you got your curtains!? Love the first bed image - where from (sorry I am all about details .....)

    Gena @ Vintage roses Studio
    Inspired Living Spaces


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