Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Plumping up the cushions.

How charming are these?


All the cushions above can be found at Rockett St George.

Yes they do all say Love and yes I do love them.

I saw this on Etsy.

Again from "Cushlab"


  1. I love Rockett St George! Completely fab stuff. They had some metal angel wings door hooks a while back that I never got and was totally gutted! Fab cushions, especially love the first one! Have a great day! xxx

  2. I totally agree it's a great shop! Just need to stop blogging and go and make some pennies to pay for all these lovely things I need in my life. Since I have become a blogger addict lol..my want list is some what on the large side and growing daily. Hope your day is a good one x

  3. Hi Emma
    Thank so much for visit to my blog. I have had a good look around yours and you have some really interesting stuff. What a good idea to display your Ebay sales on your blog. I might have to think about that too!!
    Have a lovely weekend.

  4. thanks for popping my blog and leaving a comment..
    arnt the cushions from rockett st george to die for!!...
    just been having a look on your blog.. love all your furniture makeovers you've done..look forward to seeing more in the future!!!

  5. lovely cushions .....great blog...good to meet you!!


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