Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Since doing this blog and looking at all the pictures of other people's beautiful homes & pictures,
"I really really would like a white unfitted Scandinavian style kitchen"


  1. Hi Emma, I totally agree, white is idd gorgeous! Love your blog.
    Have a happy day,

  2. hi Emma, i looove the scandinavian style. i am ( or should i say hubby )renovating our kitchen and it is going to be all white.
    love your blog, very lovely and makes me dream even more :)
    have a lovely day ♥

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog and for you nice comment!
    I love the white scandinavian style too, beautiful pics!

  4. Oh what gorgeous pics! Am totally loving them! I swear somewhere along the bloodline there is scandinavian in me! I seem completely drawn to it in every way. When I love a piece of homewear and try find it.....some scandinavian company, and when i see a piece of clothing I think is to die for.....yeap again, scandinavian. It is soooo frustrating that all we have is Ikea. Some of the best companies only franchise bits out. Greengate, Rice, Pip-studio and Odd Molly are amazing and it would be totally great, although not totally great for my pocket were they to seel in the uk online! Have a fab weekend! xxx

  5. Oh by the way, also my dream to have kitchen chairs painted like the pic in your side bar! he he!

  6. i agree absolutely gorgeous...........those scandinavians seem to have oodles of style dont they....have you seen some of their to die for!

  7. Hi Emma,
    Hi Emma,
    I like this Scandinavian style too. My kitchen is white except for a very old pine side board
    I cannot decide to paint it, so now it is a half Scandinavian and half my style kitchen.
    Have a nice day and success with your kitchen plans!

  8. Hi Emma,

    It is good that you became one of my followers, because now I have found your blog too!! It looks lovely! Those white kitchens you show us look like a dream!

    Happy weekend!

    groetjes van Madelief

  9. Ooooo, lovely pictures, I love the cleaness of the white furniture.
    Rachael XX

  10. I love white kitchens fact I just painted my cabinets in a colour called, WHITE ON WHITE and they look great! I'll be doing a post on that soon...

    come on over to my blog and have a visit sometime...

    I'll follow you now...because I like your blog! ciao

  11. That's just the type of kitchen I'm hoping for when we move house, fresh clean and bright and big enough for a table and chairs and of course all my bits and pieces...Love Lucey xx

  12. So nice kitchens. Very inspiring pictures.

  13. Oh wow - I love those pics !! They are pretty much the same as what I've always wanted and what I have on my kitchen/vision board. I love open shelving - however, I did get some this year put up and I now know why people who have had them say they wouldn't again ... they really do require a lot of dusting and they never look as neat and tidy as the magazines :o) Let's hope my new ones work out :o)

  14. Very nice photos! Thanks!


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