Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Goodbye my dear old Friend x

Yesterday evening I took my cat Ginger to the vets, where he was sadly put to sleep.
Today I am feeling absolutely devastated to say the least. Even though we knew in our hearts it was time, as he was eighteen and suffering, it didnt make the heartbreaking decision any easier. Ginger was Hannah's best friend and she has taken it quite badly. I feel guilty because I made the final decision and feel responsible for him having to leave us.
This has made me decided not to have any more furry friends, as it is far to upsetting when you have to say goodbye.
I am going to plant a cherry tree in the garden for Ging, that way we can remember him whenever it blossoms. He was truly amazing full of life little character who will be sorely missed.
Sorry to post such sad news, My lovely other half is away for two weeks, and I really wish he was home to do the, "Oh come here you all need a cuddle"...x


  1. Oh Em, i feel so sorry for you!I know how you feel, i blogged earlier about my dog Harry who i had to put to sleep.Worst moment ever.Wish i could give you a hug. Thinking about you.x Linda

  2. Come here you need a big cuddle ((((((HUG))))))). I really hope that helped a little.
    We lost one of our cats suddenly a couple of years ago now and I was totally NOT prepared for the sadness I would feel. I am thinking of you all.
    Rachael XX

  3. Awww Em, that's such sad news....come here and I will give you a great big cuddle to comfort you. It's totally heartbreaking when an animal dies. When our family dog was put to sleep at a very old age I decided not to get any more pets. I find it all so difficult and especially now I have children, I would be a wreck for them. I am sorry you are a little alone in this and are having to be the big strong one for the kids. Sometimes it just sucks being the parent. I'm sure when hubby gets back you will get a bundle of cuddles to sooth you. Much love and hugs Vanessa xxx

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about Ginger. It is heartbreaking when we lose a pet because they are so much part of the family. It must be difficult, but don't feel guilty that it was your decision. In the end it is always best if an animal is suffering and just think what a wonderful life you gave him for his long and happy 18 years.
    Susie X

  5. P.s Don't feel guilty Em about having to make the decision. It's never nice to have to see an animal in pain, and the hardest decisions are most often the right ones. I know that deep down you know that and the guilt is because it was you who had to be the one to take control, but keep reminding yourself that it was his time and he is happy and restful now. To have had a great life with a loving family is the best thing an animal can ask for, and the blossom tree sounds like a wonderful idea xx

  6. Oh god Emma - that's terrible.

    Your post has brought a tear to my eye...sending you a virtual cuddle and hoping in time the hole in your life gets a bit smaller.

    H x

  7. Oh Emma, I feel so sad about this, I'm so sorry for you. Like you say, although you definitely did the kind thing as Ginger had come to the end of his wonderful life, it does not make it any easier, I have been through this and I do know how you feel. It is even harder with a young one involved, too. I know it won't feel like it at the moment but time is a healer and one day, you may even find you do want another furry friend, but Ginger will always be in your hearts. I dread the day one of my current cats goes but I also can't imagine myself without cats in my life, they are so loving and great company.
    Take care of yourself,
    Hen xxx

  8. My dear Em, I am so sorry for you, that was a horrible thing to have to do!!! But, to have a cat for 18 years is a sign of how much you loved him and how well he was looked after!!!
    Sending you lots of hugs and kisses!!!

  9. Hi Em
    I am so sorry to hear your news and send lots of hugs and cuddles. We were in the same situation a couple of years ago and like you i made the final decision. It hurts so but you did the right thing. Thinking of you.
    Jenny X

  10. Oh Emma, I'm so sorry to hear that, I completely understand how you feel (I have 2 cats of my own) and my eyes are pricking just reading your post. I won't be getting any more as and when it's time for my two to go.
    A cherry tree is a lovely way to remember Ginger. My thoughts and blessing are with you all today.

    Hugs RosieP x

  11. Ok so have my virtual (( hug)) instead :)
    Really sorry - be kind to yourself - some little treats for you & the kiddywinks until hubby is home :)

  12. If I could I would give a you a huge cuddle!
    Please do not feel guilty, you would never have consented to it if it wasn't the right thing to do and planting a tree sounds like a great way of remembering him.
    So sorry to hear of your loss, we live with three cats and can truly understand how much it means to have them in your life and therefore how much you will miss him.
    Sending you cyber cuddles!
    Ali x

  13. aww poor you .. bless you ..if i lived nearer i would give you a big hug!! xx

  14. oh sorry for your Ging. I'm sending you a great big hug.
    xo Jennifer

  15. Hi Em
    So sorry to hear about your beloved cat. Let's hope the next 2 weeks go quickly for you, so you can have that cuddle.

  16. It's so hard breaking to loose an animall. I think he was like a child of you and your family. I know the feeling and sadness!!
    A big huge,

    ( sorry but englisch is not my best)

  17. Loosing a pet is like loosing one of the family - its just heartbreaking and I know what you must be feeling. Time heals and soon you will be looking at photos and thinking of all the little things about Ginger that made you smile.....x

  18. Dear Emma
    Oh this is very sad news, and I am so sorry for you. What a terrible time for you all. When Milly was poorly, every day I was afraid of what the news might be - simply afraid of what you are now going through.
    I think it is lovely that you will plant a tree in memory of Ginger, and I hope that in time you will be able to enjoy your happy memories and not be so sad.
    Sending you a big hug,
    Denise x

  19. It's always so sad to loose a beloved pet especially one as handsome as ginger, I'm sure He'll never be far from you and you'll always remember him with love and affection. When my cat was killed by a fire engine a few years ago, a couple of weeks later I saw her run upstairs and it comforted me to know she was still around. Keep smiling love Lucey xx

  20. Such a sad time for you and completely get what you are going through. Have 3 cats at the moment and have had 2 previous to that. Pets are so precious to us as they love us no matter what our faults. Thinking of you at this sad time. xx

  21. Hi Em
    I sending Big hugs to you.
    Sorry to hear your sad news.
    Thinking of you & your family.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  22. Oh heart aches for you. I have been in your situation and it is not an easy one. Out pets become our source of comfort, unconditional love and our friends. Sending you many many many hugs and blessings.

  23. No matter how old they are, it never is easy. I really feel for you. It is so sad. big hugs to you. Suzie xxx

  24. Sending you love and hugs, as a real pet lover myself I really do understand how painful it is to lose a beloved pet! I hope you can find comfort and peace very soon, xxx

  25. I am so sorry to hear about your Ginger, how sad, it is never easy! We have a ginger ninja called Archie, he is about 19 years old, and is starting to look like an old boy now. I also have a daughter called Hannah, and the 2 have grown up together. It will be difficult enought for us, come the day, but Archie knows all of H's secrets as he has been her confidente since she could whisper. I am so sorry for your very sad news x

  26. Em darling, I am so sorry to hear about Ginger, I can only imagine what you are going through...18 years, not easy at all. We are all here for you darling, sending you big hugs. Take care my friend.

    Love & Hugs

  27. So very sorry to hear your sad news. He looked like a lovely fella. We had to put down both our darling cats this past year (one, suddenly, in August, and one on Christmas Eve after a long, debilitating illness) and I know how heartbroken you must be.

    If words and thoughts from a stranger can help, I hope that mine, telling you I am sorry for your terrible loss, do.

  28. Awww I'm so sorry to read about Ginger :( What a good age for a cat. Rest easy in the lovely memories you have. Take care. Xx


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