Tuesday, 9 March 2010

The winner of the Fab Bag !

Firstly I would like to say a BIG thank you to everyone who came up with a suggestion for a new name for my little revamp business, you are all stars..

I have decided to stick with Ems Shabby Shack for my blog name as you all know me by that now.
As for my little Business & Ebay name, well I am still thinking about that one.
"Where is the Gate" was a real contender from Penny at The Hen House.
I know you meant "The Gate " but whilst my friend Charlotte and I were looking through the suggestions we thought that by adding "The where is it" it would be rather quirky...
If I did ever use it, I would of course honour my agreement Penny by sending you something...!
But hey Ladies, I did promised to give away the bag.
So I have decided to just get on with it!
But no name in the hat Jobbie.
Oh no....The winner is going to be the first person to write a comment on this post.
So on your marks, get set, Goooooooo.....


  1. Hi Emma
    Good Luck with finding a new name!

  2. By the way forgot to say I love that green cupboard too! Really lovely colour..

  3. keeping your name seems a good idea .....its lovely xxxxx

  4. Congratulations Maria from
    ~ Country Style Living~
    It is on it's way to you.. Em x

  5. Well Done to the winner. Too late to enter, as I was out making purchases for my flower swap, lol. That's got you thinking hasn't it!!

    For those of you wondering what I am on about. I am Emma's swap partner in Sew Scrumptious Flower Swap.

  6. I love the name of your blog - glad you are keeping it!!
    Congrats to Maria for winning the bag!!!

  7. Oooh Lorraine, I am so looking forward to seeing what I am lucky enough to get!
    I will send yours by friday xx

  8. Oh Emma, I am not ready to send yours yet. I still have things to make!! This weekend spending time with both mums means it won't get done till next week. If you send yours sooner I won't open until you get yours. Swaps are so exciting :-0)

  9. Glad you decided to keep your name and good luck finding a new one. Congratulations to Maria the bags lovely.
    Jenny X

  10. Hi Em, thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. My daughter turns 17 this march so pretty close to yours i think.Time flies...Let's make that pedicure appointment today!xxLinda

  11. I love your name on the blog! That bag is just beautiful! Suzie xxx


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