Thursday, 27 January 2011

The Power of Flowers

Is it me or do you wish it was Spring right now!

Whilst looking outside into my garden this morning, I thought about how dull and grey everything seems to look this time of year.
That made me start thinking about how much nicer my garden looks in the summer.
Which then....made me think how I should go out today and buy lots of fresh flowers to brighten up my house.

Flowers are amazing, we use them in so many ways.
How sad it would be without them?
The don't just look nice, or smell nice.
They even have the power to heal us.
Wow !
Flowers are a real tonic aren't they?
Pure colour therapy, they say so much.
With Valentines coming up, it's all about Love at the moment, using red to say it.

But I seemed to prefer subtler colours, pinks, white and pale blues.
I wondered what your favourite flowers is?

I love these candles.
Tulips are such a great and inexpensive way of adding some much needed colour to your home at this time off year.

Peonies have to be one of my all time favourites.

Now I am sitting here thinking about how when I look around I have so many things with flowers on them, fabrics, wallpapers, bags, pictures, and even the mug I am drinking from has flowers on it.

Right best go get some then!
Oops before I do go...
If you fancy taking part in a "Love" swap Beki is organising one.
Hope you all have a great day.
Em x


  1. with you all the way with this Em. I always have fresh flowers in the house,they always cheer me up.

  2. Yes,yes flowers!Always beautiful and i wish it was spring again.ilove that second picture but how can i not love tulips?
    Hope all is well.

  3. Oooh what's a love swap?!!? Awww but these are beautiful flowers and floral things - nothing like a lovely simple bunch of flowers to brighten up the grey weather!

    Oh I really cannot wait for spring!! Lavender flowers are my favourites! Take care

  4. Em, is that your bedroom? It's gorgeous! I love flowers, as you know, my dear friend. Just bought some daffodils to make me feel springlike. xxxxx

  5. Unfortunatley no it's not my bedroom Amanda...x

  6. Such a pretty post! I can't wait for spring! Heleen's post made me excited for the tulip festival, but it's months away. :( I adore the spring blooms!

  7. Thank you for visiting my blog.
    Love your beautiful flower post.
    My favorite flowers are roses and violets.
    I also like tulips and hyazinthe.
    The bedroom is lovely!

  8. Hi Emma,

    This is such a beautiful post. It makes me happy looking at the colourful pictures. My house is always filled with flowers. I simply can't do without them. They make the house more alive and add to it's beauty! I wish spring was here too, but today we had a cold bright sunny day which felt very good as well!! Love the mugs & the bedroom!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  9. Flowers are such beautiful things that can really brighten your mood - love them and wouldn't be without them. Oh, how I yearn for spring...

  10. Love all the flowery pictures, makes me feel hopeful in this gloomest and longest of all Januarys ever! Thanks for the comments over at my place. Its good to have found your site too!

  11. Oh momma this is a post near and dear to my heart and yes I too need spring about now!!
    I'm moving tables outside for entetainment!!

  12. Peonies are my favourite too, they are just so pretty! flowers have wonderful restorative powers don't they. I hope winter has not been to harsh on you. Megan xx

  13. Spring should arrive up here in about May LOL
    I LOVE peonies too, sooooo lovely xx

  14. Thank you for your lovely comment about my cards! more should be appearinng soon :) helen x

  15. Ah Em, what a lovely post to cheer me up!

    Have a lovely weekend

    Vanessa x

  16. I love flowers too and just bought a very pretty bunch of hyacinths / anenomies & foliage... hosting a Burns' supper & thought blue would be good !

  17. I think I need to treat myself to some flowers tomorrow now!

    Victoria xxx

  18. I love love peonies, Emma!
    Have a happy weekend xxx

  19. OMG I can’t believe you have done a post! I would have every room in the house filled with flowers if i had my way. I can’t wait to start picking them from the garden.
    Poppy xxx

  20. Just reminded me I need to buy some are the best tonic, whether they be in the garden or in the home, displayed or on furnishings, paintings or in magazines etc Sure fire way to cheer yourself up!

  21. Lovely flowers, just the thing to lift the spirits. Thankyou, Linda

  22. Flowers are very important. I think they are so calming and have a reviving affect.
    I love those floral mugs. I have quite a few floral cups myself, but seem to be aquiring bird ones too now. I rhink as spring approaches I always think of birdies.
    I am enjoying your old posts. So lovely to see beautiful spots in England, as I now live in the Czech Republic.
    Roll on spring,

  23. Love love your images Spring...yes..I want it to come too..I think we all do. Thanks for visiting me the other day. xo

  24. A home without flowers well I just can't imagine, like you I love tulips and love them when they start to flop over the vase. Lovely blog, look forward to more posts!

  25. These are beautiful flowers and floral things!

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