Friday, 4 February 2011


Yesterday I went to London with my Daughter.

Hannah studies photography and we thought it would be nice to have a day out together fully armed with our cameras.
We ended up in Highgate Cemetery, Yes it was a weird place to go, but I actually find graveyards quite interesting.
We wanted to go into the Catacombs but unfortunately they were closed.

I can't go anywhere without finding a cat.

It was very overgrown in some places.
I don't think I would like to be there in the dark.

Jeremy Beadles grave stood out, bless him.

This caught my eye.
Robert Valentine Mitchell.
Born on the 14th of Feb 1887
Died on the 13th of Feb 1947

We left the Cemetery and walked through the Park in to Highgate Village.

Where I sat down on one of these benches resting my poor feet,
While Hannah took some more photo's.
As I sat waiting I thought about how much I have in my life to be grateful for.
I thought about all the people I have around me that make me happy.
All the things that make me smile.
Gosh how deep...!
This sign made me smile.

After all that walking and thinking I needed a rest, oh ok a cuppa and a cake !
So we head off to find a teashop.
We ended up in here.

Of course we couldn't go to London without nipping in to the centre for a little shopping.
That's when I spotted this display outside Selfridges.
I loved it...!
Yes it made me smile.

If you want to join me by taking a picture and popping it on your blog.
Something or someone who has made you smile or happy, that would be fab.
I would love to see it.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
Em xxx

You might be interested to know that there is a book giveaway on Madeliefs lovely blog.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

The Power of Flowers

Is it me or do you wish it was Spring right now!

Whilst looking outside into my garden this morning, I thought about how dull and grey everything seems to look this time of year.
That made me start thinking about how much nicer my garden looks in the summer.
Which then....made me think how I should go out today and buy lots of fresh flowers to brighten up my house.

Flowers are amazing, we use them in so many ways.
How sad it would be without them?
The don't just look nice, or smell nice.
They even have the power to heal us.
Wow !
Flowers are a real tonic aren't they?
Pure colour therapy, they say so much.
With Valentines coming up, it's all about Love at the moment, using red to say it.

But I seemed to prefer subtler colours, pinks, white and pale blues.
I wondered what your favourite flowers is?

I love these candles.
Tulips are such a great and inexpensive way of adding some much needed colour to your home at this time off year.

Peonies have to be one of my all time favourites.

Now I am sitting here thinking about how when I look around I have so many things with flowers on them, fabrics, wallpapers, bags, pictures, and even the mug I am drinking from has flowers on it.

Right best go get some then!
Oops before I do go...
If you fancy taking part in a "Love" swap Beki is organising one.
Hope you all have a great day.
Em x

Friday, 31 December 2010

Together at last.

Look what Santa brought me..!
Winnie my new bike.
She is a little cracker.
Thank you Stu x

We had a rather surprisingly good Christmas this year.
I decided to just go with the flow, not to get too stressed about it all, and wow it worked.
We had one of the nicest, relaxing and happiest Christmases we've had in years.

I hope you had fun and Santa was good to you too?

Today we say goodbye to the year 2010...
A year that has been a little up and down for me.

So I shall bid you all "A Very Happy New Year"
I am looking forward to sharing next year with you all too.
Love Em xxx

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Just dropping by to say..!

I hope you all have a very
Happy Christmas
and Fabulous New Year.....
Love Em x

Friday, 1 October 2010

Worth the trip for a good old Chat "Chatsworth"

I had a really good day yesterday visiting Chatsworth House
with Claire.
As I approached I was greeted with this stunning view...!
Oh and these chaps, excuse me Mr Bull.

We walked around the house, but I kept looking outside.
longing to look at the gardens.

With all the sculptures, it was quite something.

My favorite sculpture.
A giant head full of butterflies.

Mmm cake and wine.

And of course we checked out the shops.
They have some wonderful shops.
These were in the old stable block.

So there you go, our day out at Chatsworth.
Have a nice weekend what ever you do.
I am off to get another chicken, I have gone chicken mad....Em xxx

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

A Morning in Oundle.

When I buy Magazine's I tend to flick through the pages first, just admiring the eye candy, then later I might go back, pick it up again and read through some of the articles.
That's how I came across Foxtail Lilly a wonderful local Florist owned by Tracey Mathieson.
You may have read the same article, it was in Country Living.
Seeing that she also sold hand made gifts and vintage treasures I thought I need to go there and have a peek. So glad I did..!

When we got there we were greet by a pretty garden still full of colour and Tracey's home.
I love the colour of her front door, and sorry Tracey if you ever read this, but I had a little sneaky look while talking to your amazing father through the window, sorry I just couldn't help myself, I am in love your cottage.

Some snaps of the shop.

Tracey also opens her garden several times a year to the public.

Somewhere definitely worth a visit if your anywhere near Oundle.
Tomorrow I am off to visit Chatsworth with my lovely Blogger friend Claire for the day.
I am really looking forward to it, so lets hope the sunshine's for us....Em xxx

Friday, 24 September 2010

All in a flutter...

Since popping by Sophie's Blog I just can't stop thinking about this..!

I want REALLY really want this wallpaper.
But there is one slight problem, it is £120 per roll from Catkins.
Mmm, and I would need two.
Did you hear that really big sigh?
Hey, maybe I will win the lottery.
Yes I know the chances of that are extremely slim to say the least.

I seem to have a bit of a thing for birds and bird houses.
I am really loving this bed.
How fab would it be to wake up in one of these?
Of course with some of that gorgeous £120 wallpaper adorning the wall behind.

Or maybe I could pop up a little birdhouse light on a wall.
How cute is that?

I did a Google search on birdhouses and found some fabric ones that caught me eye.
How twee are these?

They are by Tamar Mogendorff .

The detail on the ones below is so sweet, I adore the little twig.
They are from RobinsEggBlue.

I rather liked this wallpaper , Ooooo and it's a lot cheaper, haha...!

Oh well off to dream a little more.
Have a fun weekend whatever you do.
Love Em xxx

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Willow & Dottie

Oh my we have Chickens...!
After pondering on whether or not to get some for ages, we finally have two.
I was intending on going somewhere to buy a couple of posh birds, lol.
But after I popped over to Hennypenny's Blog Sunniest Side up
I decided that the right thing to do was to adopted some ex battery hens, which of course Henny was until Elaine rescued her from an impeding fate.
Again, that was what I had intended to do, until last Friday evening when a friend rang asking me if I was still thinking of getting some chickens?
Someone she knew had some that needed homes or would be destine for the cooking pot ........! Eek poor Hens.
So that is how we ended up with these two ladies.

Meet a very scruffy Dottie and a not so scruffy Willow.

Milo has been enjoying stalking them around the garden.

He is actually a little scared of them.
I reckon the chickens will soon be in charge of all four cats, oh and me.

Remember I told you my hubby made me a funny little day bed from an old bed?
Well here it is, minus it's nice cushion, nice cushions and Chicken poo just don't go..!

What makes me laugh about the Chickens most is how they go off to bed every night bang on quarter to seven.
Here is their little coop, lovingly sourced from a very good friend ( you know who you are)
Thank you x
I painted it in duck egg blue and popped some spotty oil cloth on the nesting box roof, Dottie approved, Chickens do have standards, don't you know?

On another note I received a lovely little parcel this morning from Justin of SewJustinSew as part of the Pay it Forward.

Thank you so much Justin, I loved the pin cushion it's really sweet, and the fabric is fab.
I shall make something with it and show you at a later date.

I have yet to send my gifts, but I promise they will be on their way soon.
The sun is shinning here and I have to go out in the garden to check up on Willow and Dottie, well that's my excuse, best grab a cuppa and a cake while I am on Hen Patrol.
Hope your all having a lovely day and enjoying this fab weather.

Bye for now.
Em, Willow & Dottie of course !