Thursday, 25 February 2010

A Before & After.. dare I show you ?

I woke up one Sunday morning, which just so happened to be Valentines day and decided that I couldn't stand the horrible tiles in my bath any more!!!So after much deliberation I decided that it would be a great idea to paint them... aha shock horror I know!

I said I would never ever paint over tiles. I have even poo pooed that idea to others, I hang my head in the shame...Well it was either that or nothing as I was on a mission to create an all white bathroom right there and then! With a hubby who was feeling some what guilty at the rather pathetic attempts of a valentines gift, I thought it was the prefect opportunity to just go for it. ( Hubby is unfortunately not a lover of DIY and tends to run for the hills at the mere mention of it ) Guilt works it's magic again he he.
Anyway where was I..? Oh yes painting the tiles.
Please ladies of the jury see below for a picture of the offending article's in question.

Horrible tiles "Pre tile paint"

Hmmm do you see my point ?

The builders put them in, not my choice, why don't they just put white in to start with ? It makes more sense, well to me it does. So I painted the tiles, Hubby painted the walls woodwork and ceiling. A new flooring was put down and a blind was made.....
OK are you ready, are you sitting down?? ha ha...

So what's the verdict am I Guilty or not Guilty for crimes of "tile painting"
My next mission is my bedroom which I keep putting off.
Still haven't managed to get hold of those curtains I liked in Ikea.

Also before I go I would like to ask you Ladies for some help!!!
As you are aware I go by the blogger name of ems shabby shack, I also use this as my eBay name having recently registered as a business doing up furniture that I find.

Well yesterday I was talking to a friend who said shabby shack sounded wrong for what I was doing, She feels I needed a more suitable name, something nicer !
I have thought long and hard about this, but I can't think of what to called myself !

So I thought I would ask you all to suggest a name, as a thank you to who's name I choose to use, I will send you a gift as a way of saying thank you.

Please get your thinking hats on.

It will also be my blogger name & It needs to be something that explains that I revamp furniture giving it a new life.

I look forward to your reading ideas.

Have a lovely day Ladies xxx


  1. Bathroom is much improved by the white paint, looks lovely so brownie points to you for forging ahead.

    Hugs RosieP x

  2. Well I have to say I didn't hate the pre-paint tiles!!! But the bathroom looks gorgeous now - totally different!!! You'll probably hate this but what about Em's Shabby Chic Shack - not that different (a lot of sh sounds though), it doesn't sound like it's a shabby house!! Or just Em's Shabby Chic!!!

  3. I love the new look bathroom, very clean looking, which allows the blind to stand out, and any other pretties in there, I like to have a couple of pretty pots in a bathroom. As for a new name, how about Em's Shabby Style?

  4. Ooooh loving the before and after! I bet you have a sense of calm now in that room! Hummm, not very good with names...what about Em's Chic Shack Restoration? Have a fab day and enjoy the new and improved bathroom! xxx

  5. Emma, I just love, love,love your transformation .... this is really a great job and to think that you did this in such a short time!! You've inspired me to get going with at least one room of the number that I need to do....

    Love the name Emma's Chic Shack or Emma's Chic Revamps ???

    Thanks for stopping by at Vintage Rose

  6. It was so courageous of you to yield the paintbrush, but it really was worth it! Looks brilliant! Thank you for visiting my blog! Suzie. xxx

  7. Hi Emma,

    You did a good job painting the tiles. It looks lovely and more stylish then before! I have been thinking a about a name, and the same one as mentioned above by Rosie came into my head: Em's Shabby Shic!!

    Have a good weekend!

    groetjes van Madelief

  8. What a wonderful header! First time I'm visiting your blog, I'll follow !

    And what a transformation you have made, very clever.
    Have a lovely weekend !

    Greetings from Norway and Masy

  9. hello Emma, i am impressed by your cleverness, what a great makeover, i never thought we could paint over tiles !
    thanks for dropping by and Yes ! the movie is absolutely adorable! My daughter Anne had seen it at school one day and she told me i would love the movie, that i must must see it ! I think i will be the dvd actually :) i bought 2 CD's, " Once " ( like the movie ) and the swell season. You MUST get those 2, love, love this irish guy !

  10. The bathroom looks wicked - you trusted your instincts and they paid off! That is great! I'd have probably mucked it up!

    As for names...hmm...that needs some thinking and maybe some market research - what do works mean and what impression they give to people - maybe you need to create a little blog survey?!

    As for the book - I've ordered it - it is here just got to get my lazy butt up and get reading it - I'm such a slow reader and I'm stuck midway in another book right now. If yours never shows I'll send you mine! But thanks for your offer! :) xxx

  11. Wow your bathroom looks stunning. I love it !! You can't beat white really. I know I'm going through a 'grey' phase but white is still my favourite (and still what 90% of my furniture/walls are painted)!! As for a name - what about ..... Twice as Nice (sort of playing on the idea that the furniture is nice second time round?), Shab to Chic, What about just your full name (like Rachel Ashwell), using your name makes it more professional too? You could have a separate blog that's more 'professional' for the business and this one as it is?? Am I waffling on too much here? M x

  12. Hi there - thanks for popping by my blog - until a week ago I had the same background pic as you !
    I'll give the name thing some thought.

    As well as old Sam I have a young retriever, three cats & four hens ( and two teens & a long suffering husband ! )

    Your bathroom looks superb & fresh with its makeover !

  13. Love your white & shiny bathroom! Lovely in those soft color. Have a fabulous weekend, Emma!

  14. Thanks everyone for trying to thinking up a name, please keep it up and don't forget I will send a lovely gift to the one who's name I happen to choose.
    Emma x

  15. Hello there - nice to meet you! Thanks for your comment. I think that 'Shabby' only works with 'Chic' to the wider world out there (obviously fans know what you're talking about, but the men, - never!) So you do need some reference to the word 'Chic' if you're going to be readily understood, I suppose. Shabby Shic was a fun idea. Chic Shack has been done, sadly (not sure where, but I've seen it). It would be different with your name in front, though.

  16. SO YOU won my mugs :) Well I am just glad someone is enjoying a new set of mugs & even though I was pretty sure I was going to win them just because they would match my kitchen pretty nicely I am glad you are enjoying them :)

    I LOVE your bathroom makeover! WOW! I always am telling my mom to paint her tile & she won't. Well..she hasn't seen your bathroom! :) Looks great!

  17. you are amazing!! if i had more than two thumbs, i'd give it ten thumbs up. lol.

    name: shabby means worn. a shack is a shanty. your home is far from either.

    emma means to embrace. you might come up with something with Em-brace in the title. sorry can't help more. :)

  18. it looks great! so refreshed. light and bright.

  19. I love love love your bathroom! (if you can get that excited about a bathroom?) I like all the things you sell on e-bay too..I have a fascination with dressers at the moment which my other half doesnt really understand. Hmm a name....Do you want your name in the title of your blog? if not then what about
    'Not To Shabby...Just beautifully Chic' designs by Emma. Just a thought, as someone said above your blog is definatley not shabby

    x x

  20. Hi Emma. Love the new look bathroom. I wish I was as brave as you to just get on paint stuff !

    How about the name 2nd Time Around as you're giving old furniture a new lease of life ?

    Sarah x

  21. I love how your bathroom turned out. I think painting tile is a terrific way to redo a bathroom, inexpensively. I like the suggestions of Em's Chic Shack for your name, I would vote for that one. Or maybe something like "Shab to Fab" :)

  22. Hi Emma,
    Wanted to say "hello, I have found you!" I much prefer the post-paint tiles but more importantly, the Cath K fabric blind is gorgeous!
    Hen x

  23. Hi Emma, Your bathroom looks like a magazine picture and I love those curtains.

    About the book: It’s a bit confusing: Summertime is the Dutch translation from Tildas landsted
    In English it is Sew pretty home-style.

    I like your name the way it is.

    Suzanne xx

  24. Ooh sorry,It must be: Sew Sunny Homestyle.
    Wow...Why can’t they give them all the same title?

  25. Hiya,

    I thought of a few names so here goes,

    Emm's recreations,

    Emm's Emporium,

    Emm's painted paradise,

    Strawberries and Cream
    Painted and distressed furniture

    I think your bathroom looks far nicer now especially with that pretty blind at the window. Love Lucey xx

  26. Gorgeous transformation and beautiful blog, I am following.


  27. Hello Emma! Thank you for visiting and following my blog. I love your header photo. Very beautiful and restful. Your bathroom looks fab after painting the tiles. Sending smiles and glitter, Emma.


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