Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Oh just a little bit excited & Great Give away !!

Ooh I am quite excited!
Why ?
Well let me tell you..
Yesterday while out shopping I nipped into a shop that sells painted furniture and little nick knacks etc which is not far from where I live, whilst I was there the owner got chatting to me.

I kind of know the owner because he has brought one of my table and chair sets from eBay, which he then put in his shop charging a lot more than he gave me ha ha!
Anyway the funny thing was apparently he has been watching what I have been selling.

"Sorry Ladies my head is going to get a little big here" but he said he was very impressed with my revamps and was going to contact me, and would I like to supply him with furniture to sell in his shop!
I am so chuffed, would you like to see what is going to the shop first?
I had just finished revamping it.

As for the new name, thank you so much for all your ideas so far, you have all been fantastic. I love the way you are all so kind, helpful and encouraging about everything!

Although as yet I have not found a new name, I do agree with those of you who said about losing the shabby and the shack.
So to encourage you lovely ladies out there, and because I do need some help with this, I am going to tell you what I have decided to send as a gift to the person who comes up with the perfect new name.

Some of you probably follow the lovely Hen from Henhouse you may even have seen the beautiful bags she creates?

Well this is the prize!

So this does not just drag on and on, I will set a dead line for suggestions by the 28th of March.
You will need to post your name idea on my blog by then. You can suggest as many as you like, the more the merry.

If I don't pick your name or any ones for that matter, please don't be cross with me it has to be the right one, as I am sure you will agree..x

But what I will do if that does happen and you have made a suggestion is to put your name in a hat and the winner will receive the gorgeous Henhouse bag, or I could just keep it he he..
Have a great week.

Em x


  1. Hi, the dresser looks great! Well done on the arrangement with the shop, that sounds really good. Love the bathroom makeover too, if you're anything like me something in the house that wouldn't bother someone else will make you obsess over it to the point of HATING it!

    Am trying to think of a name for the shop... Transformed Treasures??? Revitalised Relics??? Updated Originals??? Unloved to Unique??? Will keep thinking!

    Mel xxx

  2. Hi Emma
    I read with interest the other comments when you first brought up the subject, well I should like to suggest just 'Revamped' short sweet and it does what it says on the tin. I'm sure you will get loads more suggestions and will choose the one that feels right. Good Luck

  3. Hi Em, love the dresser.
    How wonderful to have found an outlet for your beautiful furniture.
    I have had a few ideas for your name change & here they are.
    Bring me back
    Bringing back the old
    Restoring lost treasure
    Em's Restoration Projects
    Chic Restorations By EM
    Will keep my thinking hat on and let you know any others that I think of.
    Arn't Hens Bags beautiful.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  4. Well done, that's such great news. I have no ideas for names though, I'm rubbish a things like that.

    Hugs RosieP X

  5. What can I say... well done, that is wonderful news!!! I am not surprised though the dresser looks gorgeous!!! Sophie has come up with some great names - I suspect that she really wants the bag!!!!!

  6. What good news - you are entitled to that big head!
    Sorry, no name suggestions - haven't got my thinking head on.

  7. Hi Em, Wow, what fantastic news! I would be a hoppy skippy happy as you are if that happened to me! Hummm need to get the old thinking cap on 'cos that bag is mine! Ha ha! xxxx

  8. Hi
    Your comment about the bag made me giggle, I can imagine you scurrying away with it clasped tightly! Aren't they sweet though?

    Great news about your new venture with the shop, ooooh so to names then this is a toughy isn't it!

    What about
    Onetime Originals
    Passe to Pristine
    Modern Vintage
    Timeworn Treasures
    Shabby Secrets
    Vintage Shade

    Oohh I could go on & on I think but I won't as they are probably nothing like what you are after!!! lol!

    Well done again on the fab news.

  9. great news well done - the dresser looks lovely.

    Sorry I haven't come up with a name. I like to keep things simple which was how I chose my blog name - I was getting hens ! I was sorry afterwards that there was already henhouse - sorry for her I mean - but I didn't know !

    I did have to giggle though with the man in the reclamation yard - I bought an old rusty cash tin to put out for egg money & told the man I was selling my eggs at the gate.

    He answered, " where is The Gate ? "

    I giggled ..at the end of my drive ! He thought I meant a farm shop or something. We both agreed it would make a good name though if I did have a shop !

  10. how about Emms Essential Relics ... thats all i can think of today ....hugs jackanne xx

  11. Thanks for the comment on my blog! Well done about the venture. Em, let me think about a name..........

  12. Thank you for your comments on the evil Derren Brown at my blog, see I knew I wasn't the only one......
    As a huge Wizard of Oz fan the first thing I thought of was
    Auntie Em's
    and then
    Auntie Em's Restorations
    Going home to Auntie Em's
    Auntie Em's - there's no place like home!
    you get the idea...
    Hope you find one you like!
    Ali XX

  13. Hi Emma,
    Thanks for the lovely comment and what a fab giveaway. I like the sounds of some of the suggestions above, how about:
    Timeless Vintage
    Vintage Re-Vamps
    Pretty Vintage
    I like the vintage theme can you tell??! xx

  14. Great new! Love love your header!! Have a wonderful day, Emma!

  15. wow how fab is that about revamping for the shop.. what a great idea.. if your anything like me. .i actually enjoy the process of making over furniture aswell so to get paid for it is even better haha!
    just had a look at your bathroom.. its great. you cant tell the tiles are painted and i love your blind.. its gorgeous
    thanks for your comment.. i bought my bedroom wallpaper from focus who have now discontinued it.. you can get it off ebay though its called millie wallpaper .. !!

  16. Congrats Emma, the dresser is so beautiful and the duck egg blue is really nice and a change from white/cream! hope you sell it, i am currently saving for a dresser (amongst other things like a house!) but I will defo be coming to you or your shop when I am ready! x x

    Jolly x

    PS I am still thinking about names for your blog.


    Shab to Fab! (hehe)

    I'll keep thinking...

  17. Em, what a great business break for you! Well done xxxx

  18. Grrat blog!

    Love the dresser & your top pic.

    What about
    Em's New Leaf
    or New Leaf Designs

    Dottie x

  19. hi em
    love the dresser! as for a name all i can suggest is keep it short and memorable - there are so many similar sounding names out there it's easy to get confused


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