Friday, 19 March 2010

Seven ~ Proberbly not so very interesting things about me!

Many Thanks Vanessa from Coco Rose Textiles for awarding me with a Beautiful Blogger Award.
It has been gratefully received x
Now I am meant to pass this award on to Seven other bloggers.
But actually I am going to pass it on to everyone who left me a kind and thoughtful comment about the loss of my dear cat Ginger.
Also part of accepting this award, I have to tell you 7 interesting facts about me.
OK, I have sat here for a while thinking of what to write, I have even pop into the kitchen to make a cuppa or two, as I am at a loss of what to say!
But here goes, forgive me if it bores you......
No.1 ~ When I left school I trained as a Hairdresser, but hated it! So after a while I left and went into retail which I really enjoyed. Then I got married to Stu and stayed at home for 11 years bringing up the children, until I was offered a job in the local Estate Agents.
I stayed there for 5 years loving every minute of it. Only leaving when I decided I wanted to work for myself.
No.2 ~ I seem to move quite a lot. I have lived in 7 different houses during the 17 years I have been married. I plan to choose more wisely next time we buy a house, as it will hopefully be the last time we move. Hmmmm that sounds familiar.
No.3 ~ My dream is to end up living in a house with a view.
Either a sea view or a woodland view, although maybe I could be greedy and have both.
I don't want direct neighbours, the local wildlife will do. It will need to be somewhere with a large garden, So I can wander round wearing my Pj's and wellies whilst I potter around in the day or the night.
I actually think I could became a Hermit quite easily given half the chance.

No.4~ Strange but true, I love burning things and making fires to cook on!
NO... I am not an arsonist, but wish I had a wood burning stove in my house.
At present I live in a modern three storey house with both the kitchen and living room on the middle floor, which makes it in possible for us to install one here. Maybe in my dream home I will get lucky.
I do however have a chimney outside, which I love to cook on, Ooh and Burn thing's in !!!!!

No.5~ My favourite place to go for a long weekend with friends and family is Featherdown Farm.
I simply love them.
OK it may also have something to do with the fact that they have wood burning stove in the tent's. We have been a few times and it's brilliant, even Hannah loves it there and she is 16.
Max spends most of his time making dens and climbing trees.

No.6 ~ I spent most of my childhood in Wales, spending every school Holiday in Tenby as my Grandparent's lived there. Now we take my children every summer.

No.7~ Whilst doing this post I have eaten nearly half a chocolate chip brioche tear n share and drunk two lattes. It has again slipped my attention that I said I was starting a diet today, but hey it just never seems to happens.....Mmmmm this brioche bread is scrummy.
Well there you go! If you are still awake and are reading this bit, bless you...
Have a lovely day.
Em xx


  1. Ooooh thanks Em for sharing a bit about yourself! It's always nice to find out more about the person behind the blog! I am so with you on the log burning stove. I would kill for one. My parents have one and I love going round there just to laze in front of it! Cor blimey you've moved a bit! I am desperate to move but will have to wait a bit. The dream for me...Cornwall with a splitscreen camper in the garage to zoom around in! One day! Have a lovely day! Vanessa xxx

  2. Hello Em
    I love all these facts about you - one of the great things about awards/tags is finding out more about blogpals :-)
    You'd get along well with my Mr Bun, as he is keen on burning things too... he wants one of those little incinerator bins to burn stuff in the garden.
    I'm totally with you in wishing for a view. I grew up with a far reaching view across farmland.... one day I'll have another view from my home. Meantime, I'm trying to make our garden as interesting as possible to make up for lack of view!
    Wishing you a happy week ahead,
    Denise x

  3. I love your style Em. I also love wandering outside in my wellies and PJ's and fires outside - wonderful stuff. Thank u x

  4. Hmmmm chocolate brioche plus coffee plus blogging! Brill! If I was your neighbour you could pop round in your jim jams and wellies for a brew Hun, I have a pal who already does!

  5. I really enjoyed reading about you! We have only lived in this house just over a year, and already we are getting itchy feet! Ooh and I wander about in my pjs all the time! suzie xxx

  6. congratulations on the award!! Really well deserved!!! I thoroughly enjoyed learning more about you!! Thank you!!

  7. Thanks Em, It is lovely to get to know you better! What a great blog award!! xx I too am a PJ addict xx

  8. Hi Emma
    Congratulations on the award! Enjoyed reading your post. We have a log burner and wouldn't be without it, I much prefer that to the central heating. I can't think of anything better than waking up to a seaview, would be bliss!

  9. You're not one of the shoppers in Tesco are you? Great to get to know a bit more about you and I think the Jim Jams & Wellies are utterly stylish, many a pair of socks have been hung on my line in similar gear. Congratulations on your award you deserve it.
    Jenny x

  10. Love these awards! Ha ha always lovley to hear about bloggy friends!

  11. fun when you have to really think about a list to tell everyone ! I think I'm slowly becoming a hermit too!

  12. Congratulation Emma. Your blog is certainly beautiful. I think we have a few things in common. One of them is I I also move from one place to another. So far, I have moved to 6 houses during the 13 years of our marriage.

  13. Hi Em, I'm sitting here in my pj's and wellies cos it's so muddy outside and I want to go meet the postman before I have a shower.
    Forgot to get milk, and with no neighbours (just PLENTY of wildlife) I'm drinking distinctly black un-latte.
    House is freezing cos the woodburner isn't lit yet, and then I read your lovely blog.
    Yes, the view here is mind-blowing (as is the wind when it comes across un-interrupted)but you reminded me how lucky we are to live here in rural solitude- but thank goodness for the internet!
    Thanks for sharing

  14. i like you even more....

    thanks for sharing a bit of you today. snuggle freya and sidney for me today.

  15. Hi, i am sitting here trying to think of some interesting things about myself..nope cant think of any, you did so well (i am so nosey)so i find this blogging brilliant to get to know people.keep up the great posts, hugs xx

  16. Hi Em
    Yes we are pretty near to you. Thanks for the tip about Fenstanton. We will look it up
    Jenny x

  17. A lovely post Em, I have the wood burning stove but I am with you on the house with a view. We have spent the last 3 summers in Pembroke and are heading there again this summer. I love it there, it's a perfect place for the kids.
    Thanks for the lovely message yu left me. The photos are of Alderley Edge in Cheshire. I've not heard of that park, where is it?
    love Rachael XX

  18. Sounds lovely. Where is it? where is it? I need to know?
    Love Rachael XX

  19. Thanks Em, we are often away in our caravan and it's always good to know of places to visit.
    Rachael XX

  20. Hi Em, Thank you for your comment on my blog. Love yours! So sorry to hear about your beautiful ginger cat. I have been there with furry friends.. but the pain does get better & you can give another cat a home (I chose 2 from the cats protection league!)

  21. Blogging is great - but it's also my excuse to sit and eat Green and Black's chocolate constantly as I type! (or even better Booja Booja champagne truffles!)

    I ate one and a half bars of Maya Gold last time - shocking but delicious!!! The diet can wait...

  22. Congratulations Em darling on this much deserved award. I enjoyed reading more about you, we have several dreams in common. I just have one question to ask you, are you by any chance related to Angel, Kelly and Rosie P (Jill)? lol!!! Have a blessed spring my friend.

    Love & Hugs

  23. No Duchess, sorry I am not related to the lovely Angel, kelly or Rosie P.
    Although If they want to adopted me that would be fine!!

  24. Hi Emma,

    Congratulations on your award! I enjoyed reading more about you. Especially the item about the fires is enlightning ;-)! I am going to check out Featherdown farm, it sounds like a good place to stay. I have three teenage daughters so it just might be the perfect place for us to go to!

    Enjoy your day!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  25. I love these little exercises -they reveal so much about a person and you get a real flavour of who they are! How is your business going these days? Do you enjoy it lots? And do you cut your own hair and others still? xxx

  26. PS Do you have a link to your store? xxx


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