Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Flower swap goodies Etc....

Morning, it's raining here.
But Lorraine's flower swap has certainly brighten up my day.

I received a lovely fat quarter of fabric with little flowers on it that looked like Forget-me-not's. I had a packet of Sweet peas seeds which I shall pot up very soon.
A lovely Lavender bag, a nice flowery cup in one of my favourite colour's duck egg blue.
Lastly but definitely not least, some of Lorraine's handmade jewellery.
Both the earring's and necklace have little flowers on them which look just like the flowers on the fabric. A well thought out gift that is very appreciated. Thank you Lorraine x

I really wanted to show you this.
It is a little peek of a fellow blogger's house I have fallen in love with...
Her style is so up my street.
Linda has loving restored her house in Holland in to a stunning, white, calm and beautifully stylish home.
No wonder her blog is called ilovemyhouse Oh so do I Linda x

Well best go now to do the daily chores whilst dreaming of clean white walls, floors and beautiful spaces, did anyone hear that BIG sigh....... Have a lovely day.
Em x


  1. What beautiful swap gifts!! Aren't they just gorgeous!!! Lucky you!!!
    I love Linda's house too!!!

  2. What lots of lovely pretty things you got there. lucky you.

    Oooh that room does look gorgeous. I might have to have a closer look.


  3. Oooooh arn't you a lucky girlie then! What a lovely swap! Loving your dream house too, totally me as well! I will add it to my list! ha ha! I am not jealous at all! Have a lovely day my friend! xxx

  4. Laughin! I know what you mean! My sons would trash a white house in minutes....grubby finger marks everywhere, I would be constantly following them with a cleaning cloth! Surely these gorgeous pics can't be the reality? I'm doomed if they are!!!!!! xx

  5. Thanks so much Em.You made me blush and feel proud of what we have made our house.I also liked all the things you shared about yourself i see we have a lot in common!Fire!.Will mention you in a future post because iloveyourblog.x

  6. I love Linda's house too!! - beautiful. Lovely swaps too, such gorgeous little treasures. Have a great day, Karen x

  7. What a lovely swap.
    Sorry you have rain - it is a sunny day in my part of the world.

  8. What a lovely parcel to recieve! I can't wait to start bringing in the Sweet Pea's through the Summer. Glad you mentioned Linda's house..lovely. I am now a follower. By the way Em, I do have a nice view of sorts, open fields etc, but it's not a sea view!....

  9. Gorgeous swap gifts! Really lovely. Can't wait to receive my parcel now. x

  10. what lovely goodies you received.
    Oh for a house like that - I live in a permanent mess !

  11. Hi Emma
    I've been out for much of the day, came home to discover a parcel containing my DVD of "Motherhood" :-) :-)
    Thank you so very much for it! I hope we'll sit down and view in the next few days - I could do with a good film session.
    Wishing you happy days
    And yes, that white painted house is dreamy and I love your flower swap items!
    Denise x

  12. Your swap goodies are fab. Specially like the mug and jewellery, that is really pretty.
    Going to look at Linda's blog now, the house looks great.
    Jenny x

  13. Lovely post. De goodies are great and that is house... so so wonderful indeed. Have a lovely evening. Hope the sun will be back soon!!

  14. Oh I would love to do a swop! Everyone let me know when you're all doing the next.
    Oh that gorgeous house!!! xxx

  15. What a wonderful swap, so scrummy, how lovely to open a bag of such goodies! And do you think Linda would like a house guest? I'm going straight over there to have a good peek. L x

  16. What lovely flowery gifts you received especially the jewellery. I'm popping over to look at that blog right now...Lucey xx

  17. I'm lovin' your swap items...of course anything with flowers I swoon over. :) I was actually just stopping in to invite you over to Treasures and Trinkets Thursday at my place. :) You just link up something you's that easy! :) Thanks for being a follower of my blog too, I love getting to know all you guys! Have a blessed day.


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