Thursday, 25 March 2010

Treasures and Trinkets Thursday

I was asked by Melissa from My Cottage Charm
If I would like to take part in her Treasures and Trinkets Thursday.
Basically you have to take a picture of something you love or treasure and do a post on it.
My loved item for this Thursday
is going to be my old GPO Telephone.

I actually have a couple of these, I love old phones. I especially like the way they ring, it always reminds me of very happy times spent at my Grandparents house. There is something about this sound to me, like the noise of a kettle whistling on the hob, or the sound in the background of an old ticking clock when the house is still.
When I was little I remember we had a trim phone, that had a great ring too. Lately I have been looking for one of these, I know you can get them on eBay, but I would really like a two tone purple one just like we had years ago.
I find these kind of phones stylish and yet functional, my favourite one is the black one, my other one is cream and lives in my bedroom.

What is your favourite treasure?
Maybe you could do a link on Melissa's blog and share it with us.
Oh is that the phone ringing, must dash, haha....!
Hope the day has been good to you?
Em x


  1. Emma -

    I love the phones...I was in an antique store the other day and they had three of them. The colors were orange, black and cream...I thought they were wonderful! One of my "treaure" collections is some porcelain miniature dogs...I have many...and I LOVE them.
    I hope you are well and live is wonderful for you! Many smiles - Denise :)

  2. I love the look and sound of an old rotary dial phone. Yours are terrific...they add just the right vintage feel.

  3. I too love the old phones...but I like the ones that have the handset that sits on it's own little cradle above the dialing part, so elegant. :) Thanks for linking to my party, I love seeing what everyone else loves! :) I like your kitty Sidney too, he's cute! :)
    Have a blessed day...gotta run pick up my kiddo from school!

  4. Oooh I love your phones! They bring back the old memories! I'm like you, I love their ring and absolutely hate, hate, hate all the crappy ringtones you get now on modern phones...yukky! My treasured posessions are two old books. One I bought from a really old bookshop in Tintagel about 20 years ago. It has a beautiful old red/purple suede cover that was all faded and gorgeous and it was called 'Poems of Pleasure and Passion', and it has some beautiful poetry in it. It cost a fiver and I adore it....the other is an old book bound in a beautiful blue leather cover called 'Vanessa' and it was a gift, and it had to be for me didn't it! Have a great rest of a day Em......x

  5. I absolutely love your home, your bedroom wallpaper is just gorgeous. I used to ahve a pink phone like yours but my hubby wasn't fussed on the colour! Personally, I loved it. If I had to choose a treasured possession just for today, it would be my kids' laptop I'm using cus mine has broken : ((( great post, Karen x

  6. I love the wallpaper in your bedroom- such restful colours

  7. We had those phones too!! We still have one, but it's not in use now!! You are right, it creates a lovely nostalgic feeling when it rings!!!

  8. Ahh trim phones .... we keep birds and they used to mimic the ring .... the number of times I used to run in from the garden to answer the phone only to find it was the budgies!!

  9. I love the sound of the ring too...that's all my parents had when I was growing reminds me of home!

    i love to collect tea cups, bone china pink rose tea cups! that's got to be my favourite indulgence....also antique typewriters and sewing machines...they are sleek and gorgeous in all that black cast iron!

    ciao bella
    thanks for coming by

  10. My Dad worked for the GPO then BT, I just know that they have some old phones somewhere in the loft or garage! hee hee I shall have to get rooting them out.
    I am not sure of my favourite thing at the moment, but as you mentioned you love the memories of the sound they make, I have the same thing with an 'Ice-Cream Van'! Yum! xxx

  11. I love those phones, I just need to convince DH that we need one x

  12. Those are so much fun to see! The good old days, when phones were simple. I remember my mom always using a pen to dial because she didn't want to break a nail:)

  13. Hi Em
    How amazing, I have your black phone in my hall and the cream one in my snug both wired in. I am with you the sound is so appealing, and I personally find a dial so much better than a touchphone.
    Jenny x

  14. What a sweet post...I adore your phones...I have a robin egg vintage phone we use all the time. Thank you for visiting me the other day. xox

  15. I remember those!! Does that mean Iam old??

  16. Hi, just found your blog..thought i'd come and introduce myself..i'm LissyLou.

    I love phones like that.....i keep hinting to my husband, but he hates them :(


  17. I adored our old phone - you had o push a button before dialing as we had a shared line - sometimes you'd lift the receiver & hear the other lady talking !

  18. They just don't sound the same now do they?! I love the old phones too. suzie xxx

  19. Oh yes, those pretty phones! The sound of the ring is great. Thank you so so much for recollecting!! Memories memories...
    Have a wonderful weekend, Emma! xo

  20. My grandma passed her down to me which I treasure it. I might join this group next week. Hope you're having a great weekend.

    Love & Hugs

  21. Hi just found your blog and thought I would say hello,it all looks lovely. i see you have a black kitty too!
    Louise x

  22. Lovely phones!! I want one!

  23. Hi Em, old phones is another thing we share. Check out my blog,there you can see Britt making a (fake) call with my favourite phone.x

  24. Old phones are wonderful. I think my fave treasure is a butterfly mobile I have. There are so many pretty things around. Xx

  25. Hi I just discovered your great blog and will follow it
    Sorry about your lovely cat and good luck with everything
    Sue x


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