Monday, 29 March 2010


Yesterday the weather here was so nice I decided to get up early and go to a local car boot.
I am pleased I did, as I found some goodies.
I got this pretty jug and wash bowl for £4.
Not bad I thought as it has no chips and is in great condition.
I also bagged this little baby.

I recently went in to Habitat where they had some black floor lamps in this style, they were selling them for £160 without a shade.
So when I saw this I was quite chuffed, and after haggling the poor chap down to £8 I was even happier.
I thought I could paint it and pop a large shade on it to recreate the look of the Habitat one. Mmmmm now I am wondering whether I should leave the wood as it is.
Well lastly I got this.
Now I am not to sure what it is? Yes I know it's a desk, but it has a little tray that slides out, almost like somewhere for a computer mouse to go on, and at the other end there is a piece of wood that slides out.
Any ideas Ladies ? Max said "Is it an ironing table?" hehe, bless him....

Claire from are we nearly there yet? and I are thinking of organising a swap together, she has come up with a fab theme, we will be doing a post on it by the end of the week, Hopefully you will all want to join in.
Have a fab day, I am off now to do some painting, before Hubby comes home and see me on here again.
Em xx


  1. Helloo..I've just discovered your blog and so far am loving it!!
    The jug and bowl are yummy and a bargain at £4..
    I've never taken part in a swap before so I'd be very interested in getting involved in yours.
    Em xx

  2. Wow I love you jug set. Great hunting.
    Looking forward to hearing about your swap.
    Have fun,
    Rachael xx

  3. That desk is divine. It's looks good as it is, but customised would be gorgeous, bet you're glad you made it to that car boot now! Karen x

  4. Ooooh loving the lamp Em! As much as I like to paint almost everything in sight, the lamp looks quite cool in wood. Want to hear more about the swap! xxx

  5. Oh you must leave the lamp stand as it is, what beautiful wood. A really lovely shade on there would look wonderful.

  6. Couldn't see all the photos but that jug set was a great find.

  7. I love everything!! Hubby reckons that it's a desk (obviously) with a writing leaf! I have no idea!! Looking forward to hearing about the swap!

  8. oh you're SO good to get up early especially on the day the locks changed!

  9. Oh I want that desk for my make-believe sewing corner!!!
    Only it may not be so make-believe with the desk! Pahhh! Losers weepers eh?! x

  10. Claire you can have it, I am popping it on ebay tomorrow..x

  11. Hi Em, love your jug it's beautiful.
    I also bagged a standard lamp yesterday on ebay, with exactly the same thought as you when seeing the habitat one, lol.
    Looking forward to the swap news.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  12. Lovely...such treasures. My favourite thing to do is go thrift sale hunting. Happy evening. xo

  13. You picked up some lovely bits.

    Hugs RosieP x

  14. ilovethejugandwashbowl!What a bargain.The lamp and desk are fantastic as well.As a fairly new blogger i don't know what a swap is. Please inform me it might be fun to join i think.x

  15. Hi Em
    I love the desk too...are you really putting it on Ebay?

  16. Ooohh, I've been looking for a floor lamp like that - what a lucky find!

    I bought an old chest of drawers the other day - any advice on doing it up (I intend to paint it) would be most welcome!

    V x

  17. Hi Emma,

    I love your finds from the car boot sale. The jug and bowl are definetely my favourite. Four pounds is such a good price!!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  18. Total bargains! I love this car booty time of year.

  19. Hi Em. Think 'Kissed by an Angel's man is quite right, desk with writing leaf. Absolute bargain and love the lamp, although I am of the painted furniture brigade! I am just about to paint my pine half tester bed white and distress it. I am sure whatever treatment you give it will be just right you seem to have the knack :)

  20. great purchase on the lamp base - like you've I've seen a few for lots of money!

  21. I'm impressed with your boot fair finds. I love boots fairs and have found some great things over the years. I can't wait to start going to them again soon. Nothing much goes on hete over the winter.
    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  22. Em, don't know what a "car boot" is...however, your desk has what we used to call *a return* on it.

    Today your laptop or mouse could go there. Originally it was used to hold the notes you were typing off of or taking dictation...or signing papers, because usually the old typewriter was on the main desk top and there wasn't much room.

    you got some FAB treasures!!!

  23. Hi Em
    I've not quite finished the Upmost Challenge post - which is why it is tantalizingly there, but not quite fully published yet!
    It will be on the blog in the next day or so!
    Thank you for commenting on my chair :-)
    It was one of those "I can choose whatever I want" purchases when I moved into a house of my own after my first marriage had ended! I love the chair and I love what it symbolises for me :-)
    Of course now I have my adorable Mr Bun - but I do let him sit in the chair ;-)
    happy days to you,
    Denise x

  24. Oh I love that desk!!! It’s fantastic. I’m hoping to find some more furniture to play with when I hit the boot sales this weekend

    Victoria xxx

  25. Hi Em, you got some real nice goodies at the car boot sale,i do love the lamp stand in wood lucky you,take care. xx

  26. Great finds! Wishing you a wonderful Easter!

  27. Looks like you had a really good day! Cool finds!


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