Thursday, 15 April 2010

A little jolly to Cambridge..

Yesterday I went to Cambridge shopping with some friends.
Now I don't normally take photo's when I go shopping, lol
But I wanted to show you something.
Here take a peek..

Have you ever fantasised about owning your own shop?
Well If so, then you may understand when I say, I have fallen in love.
Yes with a shop!
It has just recently opened and is called CallyCo, they also have another one in Stamford. Although it is a lot smaller it is still as charming, and the lady that works in the Stamford one, is so helpful and friendly. If your ever in the area you should definitely pop in.
I asked the girls in the Cambridge one if I could take some pictures to show you, and they were more than happy for me to do so, as long as they weren't in them, bless them, they were camera shy, actually I don't blame them.!
Here, just take a peek.

It sells lovely fabric, cushions and ribbons.

Patterns and buttons.

Bunting, hearts and well lots of other lovely goodies.
With the shop being painted all in white, it makes all the colours in the fabric's stands out.
It has such a lovely bright, light and friendly feel, prefect!

Oh how I wish I owned a shop just like this...

Well there you go my dream shop..Arhhh if only!

I will do a post with every ones partners for the "Good Enough to Eat" swap.
Em xxx


  1. I see what you mean about that shop - I want it !! I will be away from a computer for the weekend :( but will look foward to meeting my swap partner next week :)
    Best wishes

  2. oh, what a lovely lovely shop! all that fabric and colour, I think I would come out very poor if I visited that shop! Thank you for sharing!

  3. What a beautiful shop, i want to go there now! :) xx

  4. What a lovely shop, I wish it was near me, I could spend hours in there. xx

  5. Such a lovely little shop!
    Did you buy anything?
    Ta for taking the pics

  6. I did buy some things, I brought some bits and pieces to make some bunting, which I am going to use as a display on the dresser's I sell.
    I wish now I had brought the little red candelabra with the flowers and birds on, oh well just have to go back hey, such a hardship..x

  7. If I had a shop like that (and I'd love one) I'd find it very hard to part with goods that customers wanted to buy!
    Em xx

  8. Lovely shop Em, now if I had such a thing as someone willing to take photos in my shop I would be posing in the background! Or in the foreground hee hee! xxx
    P.S. Just for the record, I don't have a shop LOL

  9. Lovely shop!! I love Cambridge too!!!

  10. lovely shop ... when I was little, I told everyone I was going to work in a sweet shop - I didn't, but I did work in a shoe shop & spent all my wages on shoes

  11. Hi Emma,

    What a lovely store to have so closeby your home. It must be difficult to get out of the shop without buying something ;-)! All those ribbons, laces & bright colours. It looks very attractive.

    Wish you a good weekend!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  12. Hi Em. My sister was in Cambridge last Saturday and went to this shop to have a look after I had been banging on about it's opening for weeks. Isn't it just to die for! We both keep wanting to open a shop, there is even one available near us, but we always get too scared. I'm gonna have to visit myself but won't be for a few weeks yet. Lovely pictures. xx

  13. That sure looks inviting. Will have to check out the Stamford one. Haven't been there for a while. Last trip I bought too much CK stuff!
    Sorry wasn't able to join your swap too many commitments this month so not enough time. Really disappointed hope you got lots of takers.

  14. ooh can we go into business together???? Lol...I LOVE that shop!
    Karen x x x

  15. That's a lovely shop. The fabrics are beautiful and colourful.I can see why you like it so much.

  16. Thank you for the comment you left on my blog,so happy to have found yours!! I'ts lovely.
    Jacquie x

  17. A girl after my own heart, I too would love to own a shop like that one or come to think I'd love to work in it, imagine being surrounded by gorgeousness all day long, you wouldn't want to go home would you??? Thanks for sharing...Lucey xx

  18. It is a lovely shop! But if I owned it, it would be empty... because everything would be in my house! suzie xxx

  19. I went to uni in cambridge for 3 years! Good job this shop wasn't there then or I would never have made lectures!
    Well only an hour down the road I might treat Mum to a jaunt there!!!

  20. That's a beautiful shop! I've always dreamed of owning a little book shop, with oddles of books. Bunting and fairy lights strung everywhere, and children's storytime each afternoon in a comfy corner with lots of cushions and rugs. With book groups each week, and a craft corner where people can hold their knitting groups etc. Oh, and tea and coffee making facilities, and a cake corner too! You can see I've spent some time thinking about this!xx

  21. Lovely shop and lovely pictures. Cambridge, wonderful wish i could go shopping there right now!xx

  22. What a gorgeous shop! My friend Karen and I often dream about having a shop together! It's so expensive though!
    Have a lovely weekend!
    Rachel x

  23. What a shop - how delightful x

  24. I love shopping in Cambridge, I’m going to have hunt this shop out next time!

    Victoria xx

  25. love cambridge...i got engaged there!! will visit that shop when i go in the summer!

  26. Oh my, I wish you owned a shop like that too! That is beautiful! So charming! I adore it!

  27. The shop looks amazing, I think I might just have to visit when the children are back at school! Its on Peas Hill?

  28. Lovely shop darling, I wish I was there with you. Have a blessed week.

    Love & Hugs

  29. Oh my goodness that shop is lovely, where is it in Cambridge so I can have a nose in there? Thanks


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