Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Secret swap and Karen's wonderful book..

Last month I started taking part in the Secret swap.
I received my parcel of goodies from notSupermum and as you do took some snaps to post about it. But unfortunately I deleted the format on my camera by mistake.
If you have ever done this you will know what I mean, if not, it is where you basically deleted everything and it goes back to factory settings.
A bit of a bummer really, I was rather cross to say the least.
Here is what I received, a lovely soup recipe, a little note book, a bar of choccie and some seeds. The recipe I have yet to try, but I will soon, the notebook as shown in a new photo above is being used to write done notes for the garden, and the choccie, well sorry but it was scrummy and is long gone, I started to use the seeds yesterday... So thank you very much it was a lovely well thought out gift.

Yesterday I spent all day in the garden as the weather was lovely and even managed to plant some potatoes. I have left it later than normal to start planting and growing seeds for my humble veggie patch this year, as it has just felt to cold and grey out. We ended the day with a chimney and made homemade pizzas. Today it seems Mr Sunshine has gone off on his hols and we are left with grey skies yet again. So I have decided to have a very lazy day by just pottering round and reading a book.

The book is called "A love that makes life drunk" by Karen Roderick aha yes aka The English Writer.
It is sort of a chick-litish based book, but with a really raunchy kick, if you read it you'll know what I mean. Oh to be as talent as Karen.
Got to go now to read the rest of the book, oh look I have some company...x

P.s don't forget it's not to late to join in with the "Good Enough to Eat" swap.


  1. Ah, I love your companions

    Hugs RosieP x

  2. How annoying about your camera!!! That book sounds like my cup of tea!!

  3. Oh Em, thanks so much, you are indeed v lovely! I trust your companions enjoy the book too ;-) happy reading, Karen xxx

  4. Ooooh sounds like you did well and had a great swap! The skies are grey here to and quite cold and depressing! I would really love to read more, but mags are just about all I can do as can pick up and read sections at a time. I am hopeless with books as I want to read the whole book without stopping and, well, that's pretty impossible with my life. Hope your week is a good one! xxx

  5. Hi Em, what a coincidence. Look at my post and you'll see that i also had some me-time today with my favourite book!xx

  6. You have some lovely company there. Hope you enjoy your book.
    RAchael xx

  7. Such cute companions to read with!
    Gorgeous swap parcel too!
    I am doing the'Challenge of the Utmost kind'.
    So far it hasn't been to bad, but it's definitely becoming harder now it's Spring!
    I shall be writing about it next week!
    Rachel x

  8. Hi Em....thanks for your lovely comment. I do trade at Johns shop in you have a stall there too?
    Here's my
    Where abouts in Peterboro are you?
    Karen x x x

  9. Evening Em, I hope you got my e-mail about the book, I keep trying to send it to you but it keeps saying it's failed!! Anyway, have a good evening, Karen xxx

  10. funny...that's all I want to do today...sit and read with my kitties at my off to check out The English Writer :)

  11. Oh I love your cats! Of course Archie says black is the best colour for cats, although he did have a black and white sister! I've just managed to get in the garden today but didn't do much before it rained! Planted some flower seeds indoors instead! xx

  12. Your day sounds full of sunshine even if the real thing forgot to come out. Enjoy your book and the 'me' time.
    Jenny x

  13. Will have to keep an eye out for that book and i jst noticed i have the same throw on the bottom of my bed too - i keep meaning to call back in and see if they have another as they were really good value :)

  14. How frustrating about your camera, but at least you got some great goodies!

  15. Love your bed companions - a bed of furry goodness, what a good way to read your book x

  16. Hello! Sounds very lovely indeed! We still have to chit our potatoes! Oh, we are behind this year! Suzie xxx

  17. Em darling so much love has been sent to you in the mail, enjoy them and use them in good health.

    Love & Hugs

  18. HI, technology never quite in control either.. deep breath...I am going to get the book, sounds very interesting!! Your furry feline babies made me smile, It looks so much like my bed when my furry babies decide to join me... bestest wishes,Linda.

  19. great company...and yes, i swear my fingers each have little brains that are NOT connected to the brain in my head. what is it about *delete* that so attracts me? LOL.

  20. I love a good read & the cover is so cute! I am not really a swpper but I will tell my sister...she can swap with the best of 'em :) I better go do that now :)

  21. Your kittens look so cozy and snug on your bed...adorable. How fun your swap sounds! And I have been known to make the same "delete" error myself....not so fun!

    Wishing you well my friend....have a wonderful week!


  22. Hi, I just wanted to drop you a line and say that I love your blog-specially your kitties- Gingey looks a lot like my ginger kitty I lost on Christmas day last year. It's heartbreaking to lose your baby. Anyways, keep up the great blog. I would love for you to stop by my blog if you get the chance. Thanks!

  23. Hi Em...I can't think of a better way to sit and read than being curled up with my best friend! Bootsy *waves* and says 'Hellooooo'. ax.

  24. Hi Em. The book was helpful but everything you need to learn is available online. I used YouTube (search Bethintx1) she does a slow, easy to understand, tutorial making granny squares. It's in US Crochet Terms but conversion charts are available online. It took a week or two of practice but I got there in the end. Hope this is helpful. You must let me know how you get on should you try. ax.


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