Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Chelsea 2010

My Favourite bits from my day at Chelsea

Arrrh he is as nice in the flesh as he is on the box.
His whole aura is fab, what a lovely smile.
I had a little chat with him, bless him, he must have thought oh no another crazy women chatting me up, hehe!

Laughing as I type this , I said I thought he deserved a Gold.
Well he did, didn't he ?
His garden was beautiful and unique. He did a little bow and then smiled at me.

Oh look it's God himself and hey it's Boyce from only Fools and Horses having a little chat.

I really liked these.
The Eden Projects garden, now let me think why do I like this hmmmm, oh yes it has a burning
The Eden project brought a painted dresser from me recently for a display they are doing, not sure what for, but I was quite pleased about that, being a little Eco friendly myself.

Loved this as much when I saw it for real as I did on the box.
If I was a rich man lalalala, I would have this transported to my garden, yes and the union jack cushion would have to come too.
Thought this was very tranquil.

The Provence garden, I was a little disappointed with this garden, it did look beautiful and as if it had been there for years, but I felt it lacked something.

My Favourite flower this year was this Iris, I don't know what it is, need to look it up, it was actually in a court yard garden selling very posh conservatory's. The colour was just gorgeous, it was almost like velvet... I do love velvet.

This was my favourite garden, the colours were simply stunning, on the box it didn't look much, but boy it packed a punch in real life.
The blues and purples really worked love love love..
Well there you go my day at Chelsea, I could go on and on, I have a ton of snaps, but I am sure you have had enough.
Part two is going to be the next day, haha..
Hope the weekend is going well for you all?
Its hot and sunny


  1. What lovely photographs - particularly loving the purple iris!!!

  2. I would love to visit this garden show!Maybe some day... Thank you for sharing;so I could still enjoy it! The arbor is beautiful and a little elf, I want him also in the garden;)
    Suzanne x

  3. Stumbled into your lovely blog; a little bit of England. We seem to be doing very similar things; I am an artist/antique dealer living in France. Have always wanted to visit 'Chelsea Flower Show', never made it. Shameful when I think I am a Londoner. Will surely be back for a blog fix soon, meanwhile please feel free to drop by chez moi. Thanks Linda.

  4. These photos are goregous, I feel like I've been there too.
    Glad that you had such a nice time hobnobbing with the celebs!
    Hot n sunny here too, lovely to be eating outside!

  5. Thanks for sharing all those lovely photos and piccies of all those famous (and some yummy) men :-)

  6. Oh wow ! I'm not jealous AT ALL !!! So pleased you had a lovely day. Enjoy what's left of this lovely weather x

  7. Looks like you had a great day, one day I will get there myself.

    Hugs RosieP x

  8. It's nice and sunny here too, finally! We spent the whole weekend in the garden. Thnks for the pictures Em, i needed the inspiration. xx

  9. Ooooh look at you rubbing shoulders with the stars!!

    I love those ogres... would be so fun hiding in the back of the garden.

    Victoria xx

  10. Oohh how lovely & meeting the stars too! Fab!

  11. lovely lovely .... one day I'll get there - maye a bloggers' trip ? !


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