Wednesday, 26 May 2010

A day amongst the Flowers..

Mr Titchmarsh the God of Gardening, what a little Petal.Check Spelling
On Friday I am off to The Big City, Yes London.
To the Chelsea flower show. "Well I do live a rather sheltered life"
My Lovely Sister got us some tickets, which is actually my birthday prezzie.
I was the big 40 last month. Gosh did you hear that?...Sigh
I have been to Chelsea before, I love garden shows.
Last year I went to The Malvern Show, which was very good, and watched Chelsea on the box at home, but by the end of the week I wished I had gone, and there was one particular garden that kept catching my eye.

I loved everything about it, especially the symmetry, I like things to be in order.
I also liked the willow edging, it looked really neat. I used to prefer the modern, contemporary gardens with white walls and grasses, now I seem to go for the softer, pretty cottage garden's that have a more homely feel to them. Hey must be my age, I will be getting hot flushes next!
This year so far I really like the look of L'Occitane Garden.
It is based on an idea of a garden somewhere in Provence.
Definitely going to have a good nosey at that one.

The next one is the The Children's Society Garden.
It has a fab plunge pool, which I wouldn't say no to having in my garden.
Have you spotted the Union Jack Cushion yet?

Arrrh ...This is Andy Sturgeon's Garden, which he did for the Telegraph.
He got a gold for it and Best in show.
But the really sad things is I just read about him, and it said that his wife, who was only 37 died last year in her sleep, leaving three little people behind, how Sad is that?

The M&G garden, another one I will seek out.

Hopefully the sun will do it's best to shine on Friday, or a more likely story it will pour down.
So tell me, where has that lovely weather gone?
OK, my only dilemma now is what to wear!
Today I went shopping, as I fancied wearing a dress, I can forget last years clothes as my body has grown, quite a lot actually, and nothing seems to want to fit me.
Obviously this is a very good excuse for a shopping trip, but it does not fill me with feelings of great joy, rather the opposite, actually more feelings of dread, pure dread!
I hate trying clothes on at the best of times, but today I nearly had a fit, my God where has that fat women come from?
Hello this is my cubicle! Oh my it's not a big fat women taking over the whole mirror, it is in fact ME...!
I think that they must have installed magnified mirrors in all the shops, for my body seems to have doubled.
So needless least to say I am going on a diet, well OK, when I return from my weekend in London.
Yes, I will be on a mission, and the juicer will be back in action, it won't know what has hit it.
Woah..Sorry about that rant, where did that came from???
Right off to make the din dins, best make mine a tinsey wincey portion then.

I am Laughing here now, Hannah has just come in, home from a shopping trip and is showing me her purchases, "Oh that's a nice top Hannah " "No mum it's a dress...!"


  1. Oh wow - how lucky are you ?! I was desperate to go to Chelsea this year (it's obviously an age thing, like you say), but when I walked past there at approx 3am whilst doing the Moonwalk a couple of weeks ago, I saw all the signs saying "Sold Out". So, you are one lucky lady. ENJOY !! xx

  2. Hehehe, the last comment made me laugh!

    Lucky you and the flower show! Have a great time!

    Diet....mmm. I am starting Slimming World again next week after a long break. A friend of mine lots "tons" and has started a new group. Although I can't go to her group, she is such an inspiration. Best of luck to you!

  3. Lucky you ,have a great time at Chelsea !!
    Cubicle mirrors are so unflattering,the lighting is often terrible.I often have to leave quickly to escape the image of celullite thighs!!

  4. I tried on a knee-length skirt in a shop last week, and said to the shop assistant it was a bit weird the way it was so big on the waist. . .she then told me that it was a dress!
    You enjoy your birthday treat, and come home with lots of pics for us to see!

  5. Hope you have a fab time at Chelsea. Remember your camera and notebook! x

  6. I am so jealous, I love Chelsea. My favourite is the courtyard gardens so don't miss them.

  7. What is it with Hannahs and very small clothes? Or maybe it is me expanding! I do find myself opening my mouth to say the kind of thing my mother did....I am learning to bite my tongue.

    But really, business dress for school isn't what it was in my day ;-)

  8. Hi hun...I'm off to Chelsea tomorrow!! Yippee...
    Hope you have a fab day hun!
    We should meet up for another cuppa to compare notes hee hee!
    Karen x x x

  9. Have a great time, I've been enjoying watching it on telly this week.

  10. Hope you have a fab time at Chelsea.......Emma !!! dont forget too make a lot off pictures !!! i love the Chelsea show i look every day on television !! hugs from me.........Ria

  11. Hi Em
    Do have a brilliant time in London. Have never been to Chelsea but would love to go.
    By the way the CB with the good stuff was at Bottesford Notts and is there every Sunday morning from about 7am til 1pm
    Jenny x

  12. The Chelsea flower show is on my 'to do' list. I haven't been to the UK yet, and going peak season is a bit daunting...can I cope with that many people in one place?...but I've promised myself I'll get there. I could consider myself a big fat woman but I prefer to compare myself to a rose... starting out a slender bud then widening into full bloom. Sadly this comparison does have down side. We all know what happens to a rose as it ages.. it spreads very wide before it falls apart! I think I might go for that walk now....Kim :)

  13. I've never been lucky enough to go to Chelsea but love watching it on TV. Hope you have a marvelous time and we might just see you on TV, have fun Lucey xx

  14. Ah you lucky devil! I have been watching it on I do every year, longingly looking at the beautiful gardens.....then staring out of my window at the appalling mess of mine. It is on the list of things to get sorted this summer. The previous owners were huge 'Groundforce' fans and it was very pretty when we moved in....but 3 young children and a lot of pebbles really don't mix!

    I hate hate hate changing rooms, especially those ones with 3 mirrors in them so you can see yourself from every bloody angle! How many of us really want to be subjected to that sight? I went in one the other week, was sooooo depressed so left and went and had a cake and coffee! hummmmmmm! Well, have a fabulous day and hope you get to have some sunshine out for you. Take lots of piccies so you can tease us all and make us totally green with envy! xxxx

  15. Have a fab time at Chelsea, i'm very jealous lol :o) xxx Pixie xxx

  16. Ohh Emma, Your so lucky to go to Chelsea! I wish I could join you! I have been to Chelsea three years ago, but was there on a very busy day. I hope it won't be too crowded tomorrow, so that you can properly see the gardens you like. Will you make some pictures to show us?! Wish you a happy, sunny day & congratulations too on your birthday!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  17. Have fun at the flower show

    Victoria x

  18. Hope you have a fantastic weekend xxx

  19. Hope you had a lovely time at Chelsea.. the L'Occitane garden was one of my fav's too...

  20. I love that price winning garden!I need to lose some kilo's too, so let's go for it girl! 40 is not the age to throw the towell yet. Look at Demi Moore (and Ashton). xx

  21. ooh I really really want to go to the flower show to ! ( that was sad about Andy )

    I've put on weight & when it went boiling hot last weekend I had to change my plan for what to wear for mum's birthday do. I put on a dress & the look on Jess's face said every thing !

  22. Have a wonderful time, I am sure you will, it must be a fantastic sight to see! Now don't go borrowing that dress! :) suzie xxx

  23. Hope you had a fab day and yes I am sure those mirrors are circus ones in shops. You would think they would want us to look nice in their mirrors but oh no it shows up all the celulite and bumps you don't want in those changing rooms.

  24. Oh you lucky girl!! I'm going to try Tatton this year! lots of love, Amanda xxxx

  25. Oh you lucky girl..the flower show looks lovely. I can relate to your experience with the mirror... honestly....where do they get those mirrors????? Hope your trip to London was a blast!

    Denise :)


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