Friday, 21 May 2010

Good Enough to Eat Swap.

Hello Ladies, Gosh I am back..!
It feels like I have been gone such a long time.
Anyway not to worry, why worry? when you have received theses tasty treats..!

My lovely swap partner was Vanessa from Coco Rose Textiles and she sent me the most gorgeous parcel, when I was opening it, It felt like it was my birthday.

I loved it all, although I have to tell you, there are some things missing from the pictures, like the lovely smellies from Lush and the cute Muffin shape flannel, I am sorry to say, but these were nicked by Hannah before I managed to take some snaps.

Look isn't that sweet?
Vanessa very cleverly made the strawberry along with the doughnut and the delicious slice of chocolate cake, when my Hubby saw the cake slice, he said that it was making him really hungry and want to eat some cake, bless him, so I made him a cake.

Now "The Piece Dela Resistance" has to be the Chocolate and Raspberry Torte Vanessa made for me, which in my opinion is oh so Beautiful and truly rather Scrumptious.

Mmm..Isn't it cute?
I love it..It is definitely Good Enough to Eat..!
Thank you so much Vanessa you have been a fab swap partner and I loved everything you sent me..x

Now I am back on line properly I am off to have a look at what everyone else received.
I have thoroughly enjoyed doing the swap and it has been so nice to meet some new people because of it. I have even became very friendly with Claire, who is a little star x
It is absolutely beautiful outside and I cant wait to get out there and potter around in the garden, so as Alan Titchmarsh says, "Enjoy your garden this weekend, whatever the weather" xxx


  1. Lovely to see you back up and running! Missed you! Glad you enjoyed the swap....I did! he he! Make the most of the weather and have a fantastic weekend my friend! xxxxxxx

  2. Wow! What lovely swaps! No wonder you are pleased ;-)

    YES! Summer is finally here - just enjoy it! As we know, it might just be IT for the year... Never know in this part of the country.

    Cheers Mette

    PS: I went by Callyco the other day - I am in luv! ;-)

  3. welcome back!
    What a lovely package- real jealous

  4. Lovely swap goodies - this was such a fun swap, thanks for organising.

  5. WOW what a fabulous swap package.

    Victoria xx

  6. you are so lucky!!! what a great...big...swap parcel!!

  7. Hello!
    Im new to blogging so just wanted to pop by and say hello! and that I have enjoyed looking through your blog! and how lucky are you with those lovely gifts! I love the little strawberry!
    enjoy your day!
    Jade Xx

  8. More gorgeous things - this definately was a great swap. A theme to be repeated at a later date me thinks :)

  9. Hi Emma,

    What a great idea to do a swap!! Your gifts from Vanessa look great! I am a bity jealous
    ;-)! Your so lucky to have Vanessa as your swap partner. She makes such joyful things!

    Happy weekend!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  10. Hello hun! Welcome back....
    Luvly Jubly goodies!!!
    Karen x x x

  11. It has been a fab Swap, I loved my parcel I will be posting it about it tomorrow.
    Love your parcel from Vanessa, she sends fab pressies.
    Have a lovely weekend, thanks for organising the swap with Claire.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  12. What a fabulous swap package!! You ave very lucky!!

  13. It truly has been so much fun Emma!
    Thank you Honey.
    Love from Claire. xxx

  14. What gorgeous gifts!! Hope you have had a lovely sunny has been so hot here today xxx

  15. how delicious is that bundle of gifts....enjoy...& you too hannah :)
    hope you enjoyed the weekend of glorious weather....melissa x

  16. What a truly lovely parcel to recieve! So lucky! Happy week! suzie xxx

  17. Good to have you back, and what a great swap! xx

  18. Your swap parcel is fab. Glad to see you back, you have been missed.
    Jenny x

  19. Oo I've missed you! Glad you like the caravan of love! thank you so much for your lovely comment. Love, Amanda xxx

  20. so many qute things! wonderful !

    have a blessed wedensday:)

  21. WOW, so many gorgeous things…you lucky girl!!!

    Even with spellcheck I make mistakes… lol

    Love Lou xxx

  22. Thanks for dropping by my blog, what lovely swap goodies. We've been theorising about Gene Hunt since last week at Twiggy Towers. We think he's an angel who helps cops who don't realise they are dead accept that they are. He then eases them on their way to Nelson at the pub which is a kind of cop heaven or a portal to cop heaven. He remained in a kind of limbo so he can continue to help more people, so when that bloke appeared in his office, shouting where's my Ipod, he began the process again. Very deep stuff, ooo I'll miss him.
    twiggy x

  23. welcome back - lovely things in your post. Helen

  24. oooooooh how wonderful! I love the little strawberry's, and that pillow is to die for! xx

  25. Hey Em, Yipee We are swap partners! Make way for some gorgeous strawberryness! Please email me with your address, cant wait to get started!
    Best regards
    Deborah {fondantkiss)


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