Thursday, 6 May 2010

Naughty old Bt ....

Hello Ladies,
I have fallen out with Bt and ended up telling them to push off, so I now have no Internet until the 17th of May when we go with Virgin.
Because of this I am having to use my blackberry, which is not the best way to blog, so please forgive me for not leaving comments on the swaps you are all sending and receiving.
When I am back up and running I will have a good old look.
I can still receive comments, so please if you want to tell me about receiving your swap I would love to hear from you.
Have a lovely day Em x


  1. you tell 'em girl!
    I'm having to blog from a borrowed I-Phone, so know how you feel- short'n'sweet!

  2. Don't blame you, BT can be bloody awful! K x

  3. Hi Em, glad to see you back. Having no internet sucks but sometimes you have to put your foot down.xx

  4. Oh dear poor you Em, its a pain having no internet isn't it.
    Look forward to seeing you back again in a couple of weeks.
    Em xx

  5. Hurry up back Mrs! It's quiet without you! xxx

  6. Hi Emma...... glad to see you back. Having no internet ??

    O my dear !!! i wisg you good luck ! and hope you will be back very soon !!!

    Hugs from Ria

  7. We'll miss you!! But I don't blame you, vote with your feet!!!

  8. We are with Virgin, and although I moan sometimes, we had the most fab engineer out last week, in less than 24 hours of placing the call. And they have greatly improved since we first signed up over 10 years ago. Looking forward to seeing you soon x

  9. Go girl...sock it to them!!!
    Had a fab day yesterday..thanks for that hunny...
    Karen x x x

  10. Oh that doesn't inspire much confidence in BT! We're having to connect our landline with them as we have moved into a new build and no other provider can connect the line until BT have. Poo, we usually have everything via Sky as we're not in a cable area. Speak soon and my swap parcel is nearly good to go! Justine xx

  11. sock it to them Em! Phone companies are such buggars x

  12. Miss you already! We just gave old Bt the boot too! suzie xxx

  13. Oh no! I'm sorry you're having problems. I was without Internet a couple of weeks ago and it was awful. You're doing well with your Blackberry, I didn't even try blogging with mine. See you soon. Lynda xx

  14. Sorry to hear your news, can't imagine life without the internet now! Which is strange as I am not really a very techy person. I hope you get it sorted soon....

  15. We switched to Talk Talk years ago & never regretted it - hope your transition runs smoothly !

  16. Good Luck Em. Hope you get it sorted soon. My hubby worked for BT for 30 years and we're now with Virgin...say no more!

  17. Sorry for your internet troubles...wishing you well! Denise

  18. Hi Em
    Sorry you are temporarily out of full action, but have mentioned you on my blog when you get a mo to look.
    Jenny x

  19. Em darling Virgin is the way to go. Looking foward to your return and wishing you a marvellous weekend.

    Love & Hugs

  20. just found you- and if your e falling out with *bt* you're my kind of gal!!
    have had a lovely look through your blog over a cup o'tea and jumped on the *following* van...
    have a lovely weekend via your bloackberry...
    melissa :)

  21. How fun to find your blog! I was actually looking for Callyco's website when I stubled upon your blog. Like your style - will read more!
    Have a great day!
    cheers mette


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