Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Missing...Va Va Voom..! If found please return to owner.

Oh my I seem to have lost my Va Va Voom...!
I am a little bit fed up, a little bit bored actually.
I have been waking up lately and thinking how I really can't be bothered to cook, clean, wash and iron clothes, or do any general housework.
In fact, I am finding it all plain dull and in deed rather mundane...!
I can't even be bother to Paint.
Although saying that I did finish this today for my eBay.
Do you ever have days or even weeks like this? and if so, how do you get your Voom back?
If only I was rich.
I would have a live in housekeeper, I could forget all this dull cleaning malarkey, just go have some fun...!
Jet off to Paris in the private jet for a spot of lunch, a little shopping.
Go cruising round the Caribbean on my private Yacht, sip delicious cocktail whilst sunning my super slim, extremely sexy body on the top deck....... "Yoooohoooooo Wakey Wakey Em" Your dreaming again.
Gosh look at the time, best go!
Off to clean the loo's, iron the uniforms, cook the tea. feed the cats ..........................................hehe.
Hope you all have lots of "Va Va Voom" this week..!
Maybe I could pinch a bit from you?
Em xxx


  1. Awww sometimes the voom just doesn;t want to va-va! And then all I want to do is just crawl back under my duvet and stay in darkness!

    :-) I tell myself that it's my body and brain saying - nuff already, need to vegetate and re-charge!

    I think hunger eventually forces me to move - and all it'll take is something tiny but nice to happen - like I find a bit of chocolate I forgot I had and my voom seeps in slowly into my va va!

    I guess I don't have a method really. I just go with the flow!

    Good luck finding your va-va voom!! Enjoy your day and your kitties! Hope your creative muse shakes her booty soon!

    Take care

  2. Sorry - can't help you there. Mine is permanently missing ! The house is a tip, the kids run riot and hubby has taken to doing his own ironing !! Hope yours comes back soon x

  3. Oh Dear Em, sorry to hear you`re out of sorts but don`t be too disheartened, we all have those `off` times. What you need is a break from the norm to recharge your batteries...and you don`t need to be rich (you`d soon get bored with all that jet-setting and shopping til you drop too!) to get your mojo back either! Simple little things like a nice meal out with hubby or a visit to the hairdressers can sometimes work wonders. Painting your toenails or doing some charity shopping might lift your spirits too. Don`t stress too much about undone housework....plenty of time to catch up when your Va Va Voom`s back in full swing!

    Chin up.x

    ps wish I lived near to you, your furniture is so pretty and really well finished..another reason to be cheerful - well done you.

  4. Hello Em,
    Am off to view your things on ebay but thought I would send you a parcel of va va voom as I have some spare this week!!
    Warm Wishes,
    Cally x

  5. Here is some {vvvaaaaavvvvaavvvvvoooooooommmmm}. And a question I have been wanting to ask you - it is about your stairs - the picture with the cat - Have you painted your staircase and if so can you give me a better look!!! I want mine done and yours have spurred me on! xxxx

  6. Hi Em. No your not alone, I lose my get up and go (as I call it)sometimes but it always seems to come back. Hope it doesn't take long.

  7. Maybe my va va voom & yours have gone on holiday together? I have that same 'cannot be bothered to do anything' feeling (hence my lack of posts). I honestly feel that my life is pants. If I find yours I will send it home to you.xxx

  8. Oh my dearest Em...I can only speak for myself but I often feel exactly the same. When that happens I coast for a bit and do the bare minimum. Be gentle with yourself, as you would be with your friends. Have lots of naps and spoil yourself. You'll feel better in a while. We have seasons of busyness and seasons of rest. We love you lots, Amanda xxx

  9. Hi Em hope you get your voom back soon! Great advice from Amanda xxx

  10. SORRY EM,STILL LOOKING FOR MINE....many hugs jackanne xx

  11. Oh and I thought it was just me!

    Since moving into my flat it's been far to easy to get in from work and sit on the sofa enjoying my sky planner but I'm pleased to say the last couple of weeks it's coming back!

    Victoria x

  12. Hope you find it soon. Ironing, housework etc are all totally overrated! When I was a kid I wore my uniform for a week and bathed on Sundays! I'm pretty sure I didn't smell! :)

  13. I know exactly how you feel, when the alarm goes off in the morning sometimes I just want to turn it off and sleep forever. But I know once i'm up and ready for work I'll be fine.I do hate chores though I really want a cleaner.
    Hope your va va voooooooooooooom comes back soon.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  14. Sorry, I haven't got any either! I've been very low and struggling to make anything, or clean etc. I've managed to get back to cleaning up a bit, because when I've done it it does make me feel better, but it's hard. When you've finished doing the bare minimum (good advice) I'd go for thoroughly tidying and cleaning just one room to give you a sense of satisfaction if possible, rather than dribs and drabs all over the place, which never has quite the same effect. And then a trip out with a good friend and no guilt, perhaps somewhere nice and inspiring. Hope you feel more yourself soon xx

  15. i think a little treat is in order....it always lifts my spirits....a little extravagance, a night out with pals....or if all else fails a bottle of vino and a large straw x hope you feel better soon

  16. Hi Em
    All great creative people have to recharge now and then. My mum used to say if friends drop by when you're in a mess and look put out they're not your friends 'cos true friends either wouldn't notice ....or they'd fetch a duster. The cleaning will keep for another day your spirits need lifting now!...Sorry haven't got a jet or a cruiser to loan you at present! Take care you will find that va va voom again. (but don't for heavens sake waste it on housework)
    Jenny x

  17. oh Em, I am so glad Im not the only one, and reading all your comments sounds like us ladies have all lost it.
    I wake up every Monday morning saying to myself that this is it - Im going to make a real go of my little online business, sort of the house, garden. Keep on top of things - by Monday afternoon, all of this has gone out of the window.

  18. Having one of those days today so spending it avoiding work by looking at blogs!

  19. I know exactly what you mean Emma and have only recently got my Voom back after the birth of my fourth child (who is now 3). I have completely thrown myself into setting up my new Vintage China Hire business as well as getting crafty - something I haven't done since school!!!
    A little retail therapy doesn't go amiss with me either so go and treat yourself - it doesn't have to big. I felt a little sad yesterday so I went a bought a CK hankie!!!

  20. Fake it untill you make it! It really helps. Sometimes when i'm down and out i just fake happiness and, if you want va va vooom.Then slowly its turn back to me. Running (if you like it) helps as wel. Physical activity gives you lots of energy.Know how you feel, hang in there and the sun will start shining again, trust me. xx

  21. Hi Em, hope this helps with your Va Va Voom - as you were the 1st person to comment on my post you're def. in for my 'Pay It Forward'. Yay! You just need to do a similar post on your blog in order to recruit your 3 (or more) friends to send a handmade gift to. Thanks for spreading some kindness, Justine xx

  22. I say leave the cleaning for a week or maybe if you dare two :-) That way the house will look so messy at least you will feel you acomplished something when you do clean it. Hope you get your voom back soon.

  23. Mine got up and left quite a while ago and i'm still looking for it! Have a fab day! xxxxx

  24. Your blog is gorgeous! I found you over at the English Writer!

    I've lost mine recently but gained it back last night after I cleaned the house and made myself a new little writing room, just my stuff, nothing else, well except for my cat Lynx who will surely join me!

  25. I woke up to a wet bed after I had freshly laundered all our bedding the day before due to a 5 yearold visitor I think I need to start the day over with another pot of coffee!! You have such an adorable blog. love it!

  26. Same here Emma, once in a while I would face the same thing. I used to have a maid. She quit a month ago. When she left I was in misery :(. Having a live in housekeeper does help alot!! Hope you have started gaining your voom back! :)

  27. Hey, Emma, I think we all experience those off-times in our schedules or lives.

    I'm actually going through one myself currently, which really sucks to tell you the truth. Hopefully, I will get my act together.

    I also hope you get the time that you need to do all those things.

    Write on and fight on!

  28. yes I agree a treat is in order. I have lost all will to keep this house clean & tidy - it's a relentless boring chore !

    Go & do something different - a change is as good as a rest they say !

  29. Ha ha ha! As I am writing this, Sheryl crowe is on the radio singing A change will do you good! You need some serious pampering! You are not alone on this one. Some days I have to force myself to do thes mundane never ending tasks. It is just so thankless! Suzie xxx

  30. Em, I was in Boots yesterday and they had some `Va Va Voom` Volume Mousse on special - immediately thought of your blog!lol

  31. Hi Em, Popped back in to say 'How are you doing?' Hope things are looking a little brighter. If you send me your postal address I have a little something to cheer you up! Love and hugs, Amanda xxx

  32. Love you Sweetcheeks! xxx
    P.S. Thought this rare appearance would cheer you up! x

  33. I can totally relate! I have been wondering the same thing myself this week. Everyday goes by so fast and nothing seems to get done!


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