Monday, 21 June 2010

Pay it Forward

I am taking part in the Pay it Forward kindness chain.
I was lucky enough to be one of the 3 people
that Justine from "Sew Justine Sew" has promised to send a handmade gift to.
If you would like to join in with the Pay it forward and receive a gift from me, just pop a comment on this post saying you want to take part.
Remember it is a kindness chain, you will also have to write a post and offer to send 3 people a gift.
I believe it should be handmade, but I may have to cheat a little on that part.
When I know who the 3 people I am sending to, I will let you know.
I hope to send your gifts by the end of August.

Just Before I go...
Thanks to everyone for all your lovely kind and some really amusing comments and e-mails on the loss of my "Va Va Voom.
I think it might be on it's way back now..!
With the help of my wonderful Hubby and a humongous list, which is slowly getting done, I am actually feeling a whole lot more positive. I have even got a nice things I would like to do list now. Cheers Jenny from "Winningbriggs" for inspiring that idea to come about.
So thanks lovely ladies your all


  1. I would love to be involved please

  2. I have missed this on the other blogs so I'm pleased to be the first on yours.

  3. Lucky you having Justine as a sendee (if that is the right phrase), her work is fabulous :-)
    Glad to hear you va va voom is heading back, if you see the fairy responsible for bringing back your get-up-and-go, could you send her in my direction?? am in desperate need.....
    pleased to hear you are back up and running (well, ambling in a summery way) x

  4. oh yes please, would love to be part of this, what fun xxx
    Happy Solstice x

  5. Glad you joined! It came from my swap partner Cat B in New Zealand xx

  6. Hello Emma,
    Thanks for your interest in my blog.
    Best wishes,

  7. hiya- thanks for your lovely comment on Henny's blog, and for indulging me/her in a bit of silliness!
    Yes, I'm certain she will be able to do an interview with Bruce the Horse, in fact she may even do lots of interviews with people and become a "Roasting Reporter"! David Cameron here we come!!
    Hope this week finds you feeling brighter

  8. Hi Emma! I've sent a parcel to you today so watch out for Mr Postie! I'm already in the Pay it Forward so don't put my name in. Lots of love Em, Amanda xxx

  9. Va Va vroom boom! I often say that my get up and go has gone! best advice: kick back and relax; I know not easy when bills and banks loom but best solution, they can wait even though charges are incurred! ps we seem to be likeminded souls and your son reminds me of mine. Take care linda x

  10. Hi Emma, I've been catching up on my blog reading and have really enjoyed catching up on your recent blog posts. I wanted to let you know I'm hosting my first blog giveaway to celebrate one year of blogging, and also to say thank you to the lovely people who have followed my blog and/or been inspirational. It would be lovely if you fancied entering as I have found your blog a very inspirational place to visit over the past few months. have a great Saturday. Em x (


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