Thursday, 15 July 2010

Lovely Bloggers

Well who would have thought by writing a blog I would have ended up with a small on-line community of friends?
But that is was is happening.
Last week I even went on a blind date haha..with Claire from are we nearly there yet.
We have become quite friendly since doing the Good Enough to Eat swap, and after spending many an hour chatting on the phone we decided to meet up.
We choose the small town of Bakewell in Derbyshire as the location and believe it or not we both forget to take our cameras....! What are we like?
I had a great day with Claire wandering round the little shops and we enjoyed a good old natter over a few cuppa's

This is a lovely little court yard full of nice shops that we wandered down, one of the shops sold quirky felt hats, which of course Claire and I had fun with being rather silly by trying them on, and if you pop over to her blog you'll find a terrible picture of us both in them that I actually took on my phone, where I am pulling the most bazaar face!
But hey when you are laughing and enjoying yourself who cares? Life is too short!

Now another lovely lady whose blog I really enjoy is Jenny from Winningbriggs.
Jenny has decided to organise a bloggers coffee morning in my home town of Peterborough.
It is planned for July the 23rd at 11 am, everyone is meeting up in Harriet's Tearoom in Cumbergate.
I am really looking forward to this, so if any of you fancy coming along?
Well that would be great!

Lastly on my post about you wonderful bloggers...
Is Amanda from Amanda makes an extremely talented and very thoughtful lady.
I was very lucky the other day to receive a gift from her, I had commented on a bag she had made using a jumper which I thought was really clever and looked fab, and bless her she has sent it to me! How nice is that?

Hope you are all having a good week?
Well I shall look forward to meeting up with some of you at the coffee morning..
Em xxx


  1. Em that sounds like a great time you both had!!
    I've made some great new friends through blogging too...the internet is an amazing way to connect with like minded people isnt it.
    Em xxx

  2. We spent a lovely day there a few years ago whilst in Derbyshire, it is a bonny wee place! Had a fabby cookware shop I fell in love with, ooh and a jigsaw shop!
    Must check out that photo, I feared I may be the only silly person out there that likes trying on hats for fun!

  3. How wonderful. I would love to one day meet up with some of my blogger friends, I don't think anyone can have too many friends :)

  4. Yes I too hope one day to meet up with some blog friends. I love Bakewell, I went in that courtyard too over Easter when we were staying there and I too tried on felt hats - I can't really wear hats so didn't buy any! You've met some really great people, isn't it lovely how we can support each other through blogland! xx

  5. How wonderful!! i have met up with a few bloggers..its really nice....i love blogland x

  6. Hello my gorgeous blind-dater!!!

    I'm sorry I don't live close enough to come to your Peterborough coffee morning, but at least you will all be able to get a word in edgeways with my absence! Hee hee!!! X

  7. I find the whole blogging community amazing!! I have only been blogging for just over a month and already feel like I know some of you really well.
    Your little trip to Bakewell sounds wonderful. I always went there when I was a student in Sheffield and I really miss my little trips now.
    I would love to come to your coffee morning but am a little to far. Have a fab time.
    Kerry xxxx

  8. Glad you had a great time! Love the bag Amanda made xx

  9. Blogland is just great isn't it .... proof that there are lots of good people out there ... Peterborough is just up the A1 from me but sadly I am busy that weekend but maybe next time ... have a lovely time x

  10. The bogging community if fab isn't it.
    I wish I lived closer so I could come to the coffee morning. Have a wonderful time.
    Luv Sophie xxx

  11. Hi Em
    What a super post and thank you for your kind comment. Its really easy to be enthusiastic with lovely people like you to talk to! Your blind date sounds brilliant, I am off to peek at that photo. Two friends and I once got thrown out of Debenhams, Regent Street for trying on hats, photographing them and collapsing with laughter....they thought we were stealing the designs. I will try to find a photo to bring next week. See you soon
    Jenny xx

  12. Yes, I totally agree about the blogging community - I`ve `met` some lovely people in the short time I`ve been here. Only wish I could join you at your coffee morning but it`s a loooooonnnnggg way from home for me!Enjoy nevertheless :)
    What a lovely gift from Amanda, she`s a really lovely lady too.

  13. lovely! lovely! lovely! Amanda is one of my favourite designers - she is amazing xx

    I would love to meet up with my blogging mates some time - the wheelchair is a bit of a nightmare though - negotiating accessible meeting places might be a pain!

  14. Awww glad you had a brilliant time with Claire!! Of course you had to try those hats - I love the pic of you two over at Claire's blog! Wonderful.

    And that is such a lovely bag - what a sweet thing for Amanda to do!

    I hope you have a wonderful get together with fellow bloggers in Peterborough!

    Take care

  15. I love blogging! I have made lots of lovely new friends through it. Hve fun on the 23rd. I can't wait to see photos. Lynda xx

  16. Em, sounds like you had a fun day out with Claire! Loved the pic of you both in the hats! he he! I wished I lived closer to meet with you all for coffee, you will just have to take the camera and do a really long bloggy post sharing the day so we can all enjoy it too!!!!!!

    It really is amazing how many wonderful people you can meet in blogland. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would enjoy it as much as I am when I started!

    Have a wonderful weekend my friend! Big hugs Ness xxxxx

  17. Can't you all just move a little closer to meeeeeee???

    Victoria xx

  18. Have a wonderful bloggers morning coffee. I'll pour myself a cup of tea at the same time and think of you! Kim :)

  19. how lovely, glad you had a fab time and how lovely to be sent that great bag! What a lovely giving community blogland is :-)

  20. It's great fun meeting bloggie friends for real !
    I love that bag too !

  21. Hello Emma,
    we visited Bakewell several years ago, it's a charming little town !
    We bought a Bakewell Pudding Teddy bear there.
    Nice you had a wonderful time with your blog friend !
    Best wishes,

  22. Isn't it lovely meeting bloggy friends? Victoria and I have been lucky enough to meet some blogger friends in person and they are all lovely!!! Looks like ou had a good time!

  23. Very nice blog :)

    Laboratorio delle Fate


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