Friday, 30 July 2010

Oooohing and Arrrhing...x

The reason for all this Ooohing and Arrrhing is..
This little Chap.

Some of you might remember that one of our cat's called Ginger died a few months back, and yes I did say I would never have another cat again!
But when Hannah asked me if she paid for a Ginger Kitten from a re
scue home, could she have one? I said....Yes !
Of course being a soft Mummy and a big cat lover I di
dn't need too much convincing.
So here he is, Milo.
When he first came home to live with us we were all Ooohing and Arrhing at him, saying "oh Milo you're so cute". Now it's "Oh Milo you Little Monster!"
He is mad! He chases all the other cats round, that are nearly ten times bigger
than him, picking play fights, he's fallen in the pond, he's running up and down all my curtains, scratching the chairs and eating the carpet? He has even climbed up my hubby's leg when the poor chap was wearing his short, Ouch !!!!
But saying all that we
really love him. To tell the truth he suits our, some what, crazy family.

He loves the Garden and hides in the vegg
ie patch waiting for Salem, the big cat, to walk by, then pounces on him.

Can you see in the background my Courgette plants? They are one of the best veggies I have had grow this year, as I don't think the garden's enjoyed this on and off weather very much.
Lots of my plants have struggled.
Having had loads of Courgette's, I was beginning to wonder what to do with them, then I came across a recipe for Courgette Cupcakes that was in a book, which Vanessa from Coco Rose sent me called Eat Me.
I thought if it's Yucky th
en at least I have tried something different.

I made
a large cake instead of cupcakes, Surprisingly it's really good, a little unusual maybe, but I am definitely making it again.

Talking of cakes, there was a lot of cake eating at the coffee morning I went too last Friday.
Here is a snap of us all.

Jenny from Winningbriggs organised it, and gave e
veryone a little gift each, a really sweet little tape measure which she had covered, each one was different and had a little flower and a button on it.
I love mine Jenny thank you x

That's me in the blue cardi (I hate having my photo taken), Jenny is sat next to me, there's Karen & Gill, and the other lady was Anjalee and her daughter. Anjalee has just started a blog called Yarn Lover, go and have a peek.
It was really nice meeting up with everyone.

Gill from Dosie Rosie & Karen from Tilly Rose.

I am leaving you with a photo I took f
rom the Country Living Mag.
It was a piece they did about outdoor escapes and my favourite was this one.

The hideaway would be absolutely perfect in my garden, as all my fences are painted that colour.
I spend endless hours in my garden, so I would just love something like that to sit in, hey I could have a wood burning stove too, bliss.
Definitely something to look in to for next year.
Right I am off now, I am in the middle of painting a bed that my Hubby has made in to a Bench/Daybed. I shall show you once it's all finished.
Hope all is good with everyone, have a lovely weekend...Em xxx


  1. aahh that little mischief kitten is very sweet. Fab to put faces to names in blogland :-) oh how i dream of having a shed like that ......

  2. Welcome Milo! You show those bigger cats you are not to be messed with.

    How fortunate are you to have a Friday cake eating get together! looks like fun.

  3. Awww little sweet Milo! What a gorgeous character - what a sweetie!!! Awwww we love him, he is utterly adorable!!

    I have been looking for a courgette cake recipe for ages!!! I tried googling it too so thank you so much for this info! Eat me, here I come!!

    Your courgette plants are looking incredible! Wow!! Especially with little Milo in the picture and amongst the leaves! Awwwww again for gorgeous Milo!!

    And gorgeous pics of you and your pals!!

    take care

  4. he's just BEAUTIFUL!
    Please may we have the cupcake recipe?

  5. Milo is such a cutie! No wonder you all love him already!How lovely to have a get together, you all look lovely, such pretty and useful gifts too, how kind of Jenny!
    Love the hideawayfrom the mag and can't wait to see your daybed!
    have a great weekend!
    Rachel x

  6. Oh he is adorable ! Yes I have courgettes coming out of my ears too !!!

  7. NEED NEED NEED (yes I'm shouting) that recipe please!
    Milo is adorable, miss my cat so much and after seeing Milo think I need to start pouting and persuade OH that we really do need one ;)

    B xxx

  8. Aw Em! I knew you'd give in! He's lovely! I'd love the courgette recipe by the way! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  9. Toby fat cat says a big 'HI' to Li'l Milo!
    Hmmmm cake! xxx

  10. He is adorable, I can see why you couldn't say no. Our neighbours have had a bumper crop of courgettes, much to our delight ;-0)

  11. What a little poppet! How can we resist such cute bundles of fluff, I know as I have 3 of them. Recently my local animal shelter has been appealing for homes for an abundance of kittens they have right now. It's all I can do to not run down there and bring them all home with me! xx

  12. He is adorable! I looooove cats and would be a "mad cat woman" with 100s of cats if I wasn't stopped... Enjoy little Milo!

  13. Milo is so cute !
    Nice weekend,

  14. Hi Emma,

    This looks like fun, meeting up with other bloggers! I enjoyed seeing a face behind your blog :-)!

    Love your little cat.

    Happy weekend!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  15. I saw the hidaway feature in CL too - and have decided I'd like one with a stove in the corner too - in my dreams!
    Milo is gorgeous - he makes Archie look enormous, he looks like he's having a lovely time in your garden. My courgettes have done well recently but the first few swelled up into really odd shapes with the varying or no rainfall - I did a courgette cake from Nigella's book last year with lemon curd in the middle but son no. 2 wasn't convinced about the bits of green. Now I try and sneak a finely-chopped courgette into nearly every dinner! xx

  16. Hi Em
    Your new addition is gorgeous, even if he is a tinker. Glad you liked the little gift, I so enjoyed meeting you.
    Can I beg that courgette recipe sounds delicious.

  17. Snap!

    My courgettes are getting ahead of me, so cake is next. Yours looks fab.

    Made a lovely bacon, courgette and potato soup yesterday, with some onion and chicken stock.

  18. Milo is gorgeous and we loved your whole post! amusing and informative and beautiful all in one. Helen x

  19. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww. He is so gorgeous and looks just like a cat we had a few years ago. I also had a cat called Salem hehe!
    What a lovely gathering and little gifts! Always a bonus and make everyone smile :)


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