Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Courgette Cake Recipe

For those of you who asked, here it is!

For the Courgette Cake
6 oz Courgettes grated
2 large eggs
5 oz soft brown sugar
8 oz self raising flour
1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda
1/2 tsp baking powder

I basically popped all of the above in to my mixer and then cooked the cake for 20 minutes on 180 or gas mark 4.

For the topping
7 oz cream cheese
1/2 lime juiced
4 oz caster sugar
Use some of the zest of the lime to decorate.

I also popped this in to the mixer, I actually used a whole lime when I made it, but it came out very runny, so it was more like a sauce. Hey you choose what you want to do.
You could always do a thicker icing for the top and have a bit left over to make runny by adding more lime jucie, which you could then drizzle over the cake when serving it.
Listen to me, I will be calling myself Nigella next.

I am going to make the Lavender Heart Cookies next.
Hope you enjoy the cake?.. Em x


  1. Thank you so much for the recipe ... I was wondering! Yum!

  2. And so you should!!! This is lovely and sounds simple enough!!

    Off I go to buy my courgettes and lime! I'm so gonna try this - I can't wait!

    Thank you thank you!

    Take care

  3. Sounds really nice - a bit like a carrot cake but with the courgettes instead ;-) "Sounds" healthy, you know...

    Gotta try this!


  4. Will be trying this one!And will be interested in the Lavender Cookies too...Happy Baking!
    Warm Wishes,
    Cally x

  5. courgettes and lime...definitely counts as 2 of your 5 a day!


  6. That sounds gorgeous. I love courgettes but only usually roast them or use them in veggie fajhita's, and lavender!

  7. Hmmmm Yum! ...ish! Hee hee.
    I count a glass of cider as 1 of my 5 a day so I reckon this could be a winner eh?

    You're garden is looking lovely and lush there. xxx

  8. Will definitely be giving this a go and can't wait to hear about the lavender cookies, something I've wanted to do for sometime just haven't got around to!

    B xxx

  9. Fantastic recipe! I am always wondering what to do with all the corgettes I grow every year so it is nice to see something different!

  10. Sounds yummy! I think I'll need to try it, I've made chocolate beetroot cake before and it tasted fantastic, I'm sure courgette cake will be as well! :) X

  11. having cooked courgettes every which way I'm now giving them away ! Your kitten is sooo adorable - do kittens like mashed courgette ? I gave the hens some of the leaves which they quite liked but the have their eyes on my lettuce !

  12. Hi Emma!! Thank you so much for your sweet words on my blog.
    Your little ginger cutie is adorable!! I also love cats and never had a ginger one, but recently two new kittens were left by their mum in our terrace, and we just adopted them...My two other cats don´t like the idea very much but what can you do? :)
    Your blog is full of lovely things, I´m your 200th follower!!!
    Have a wonderful day!!

  13. Yum! This looks delicious! :) And I am so intrigued by the lavender desserts I've been reading about. Can't wait till our lavender comes out and I can bake something up with it too!

  14. Now this sounds interesting... I assume it tastes delicious?!

    Victoria xx

  15. I keep hearing good things about courgette cake, thanks for the recipe, i think i shall give it a try. We always have a glut of courgettes this time of year..

  16. That sounds yummy! Thank you for you lovely warm comment on my blog, it helped a lot. Susie xxx

  17. Hi, here I am again. Just to let you know, I made your cake and it was a great success! It lasted all of ten minutes at teatime!!
    Susie X

  18. i adore that Freya cat, so handsome!!!!

  19. I love the sound of the cake-and I could convince myself that it is healthy ! What a sweetie Milo is- I'm holding out against stray kittens , at least for now !!
    Louise x

  20. This sounds delicous - as does your blog! I'm really enjoyed having a good look!!

    I think Nigella better be looking over her shoulder!!

  21. Sounds unusual, i suppose a little like carrot cake? I have seen a corgette cake in nigella's domestic goddess!

  22. Hello Emma, I'm Charlotte, love your blog, have become a "follower"! I will definitely try the courgette cake, sounds yum xx

  23. I had some the other day when I was out and have been looking for the recipe as it was delicious so, Thanks! BTW you might want to pop over to Planet Penny to find out the conclusion of a rather overdue 'Good Enough to Eat Swap'! Penny x

  24. Looks delicious. Thanks for sharing this.

    Have a nice day, Boonie


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