Friday, 10 September 2010

Well hello there…It’s been a while..!

Hope you all had a good Summer break. I did, but it’s back to work now, well ok maybe I can’t technically call it work, but doing what I normally do when the children are at school and College.

Thought I would show you this, it’s a little favour I did for a friend who is due to have a baby and needed a little set of draws for her nursery


What do you think of my pretend Joules Wellies?

I call them my “Glampers” hehe.


During the school holidays we went off for a couple of nights camping. Along with my friend Charlotte, her other half Paul, and Claire from “are we nearly there yet” along with her dog Basil and her two little chaps Jacob & Finley.

My Hannah having won a pair of VIP ticket to The Reading festival the day before, decided to nick my nice flowery wellies to go in. Leaving me having to rush into town last minute to find another pair to go camping in ( well it was bound to raining wasn't it?) “Yes it did rain..!”

So I ended up with the above mentioned.

I added the bows and buttons for a bit of a laugh on the way to the campsite.


I “Glamped” Charlottes rather boring looking green wellies too. Ok, so we did get some funny looks whilst buying camping supplies in the supermarket, but who cares?

Before I go, I am going to let you into a little secret, I am in Love, truly, madly and ooh very deeply in Love.

Would you like to meet the man of my dreams?

Of course you would.


We are not together just yet, but I am hoping he will be moving in very shortly, watch this space….!

Have a great day.

Love Em xxx


  1. Em, the chest is gorgeous! Totally envious! The wellies? Fab idea...totally envious also! The bike......I have been wanting one for even more envious! ha ha! Sadly, a bike like that wont be with me for years as OH got me one a couple of birthdays was one of these brand new all can do ones. I did buy a pink basket to stick on the front of it, but alas, it looks rather tragic!!!!! Laughing! xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Those drawers are GORGEOUS. What a difference it makes making them white. I like your wellies too very cute :)

  3. The chest is fab! Isn't it amazing how changiong the colour brings out all those fabulous details?
    I love the 'Glamped' wellies!!!

  4. oohh that dresser is just wonderful - i would love that in my house! those wellies are fab too :-)

  5. Good job on the drawers they look fantastic! Your wellies are really cute too, good idea with the bow, might have to try that with mine! :) x

  6. Hi Emma,

    Good to hear from you again! Like the way you revamped the drawers. Much better! Your wellies look great. I would love to have a pair like that to use in my garden.

    Happy weekend!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  7. Looks like you had a lot of fun with the wellies and the chest of drawers is just gorgeous,

  8. Gorgeous drawers - is that a Pashley Bike? We just ordered 'Little Miss H' a Pashly trike for Xmas in a custom Pink colour, can't wait for it to arrive!!

  9. yep the chest of drawers is my
    " day " we stripped all the paint off - now it's all going on again !!!

  10. ...and didn't we have a fabby time! Basil chewing through his lead and running amock through the tents...with ladies grumbling at you to keep your dog under control...ha ha ha...with you trying to explain that it wasn't your dog...or even your children that were falling over each other trying to catch him! Ha ha, I'll tell them if you won't!
    I loved every minute of it Hun. xxx

  11. Awwww welcome back!!! And looks like you've been busy!! The wardrobe is brilliant - well done you!! Oh but the wellies - my, my, my!! Perfect!!

    Awww you're in love - what a handsome fella he is too - all shiny and gleaming and very handy! I'm swooning (although I don't know how to ride one! LOL!).

    p.s have I told you that I've not stopped baking the courgette cake (sans the icing) that you so kindly posted here?? I LOVE it!!! Thank you!

    Take care

  12. Nice to see you back Em!
    Loving the wellies...brill idea!
    One of my daughters went to Leeds Festival and wore her prized hunter wellies...and in a moment of drunken madness let her friends graffiti them with permanant marker pen :(
    Have a nice weekend.
    Em xxx

  13. hiya- lovely to have you back.
    Like coco rose, I too have a pink plastic basket on my bike and yes, it does look rather sad...perhaps I'll make it even more kitsch with some buttons and bows like your wellies!
    Love 'em!

  14. Hi Em, Love the drawers and wellies make over! Hope you get lucky with the man of your dreams....LOL reading Claire's account of the camping, sounds like our own experiences with our dog camping.

  15. Hello my lovely!
    glad you enjoyed the camping...loving those wellies!
    I've wanted one of those bikes for a while now...aren't they just fab?
    Karen x x x

  16. Oh Emma, I love your taste! Boots are fantastic! And as for the bike, oh yes, wonderful. I do hope you are united very soon, hugs, K xx

  17. Hi Em
    Good to catch up again. Those wellies are great..perhaps they should be a new line? Love the chest, its amazing how brilliant things look when they're (properly) painted. I love the look. Glad you had a good if damp time.

  18. Hi Em, glad to 'see' you! The wellies are gorgeous!
    You have done the chest proud - really nice!

  19. Glad you're back. What a transformation to that chest of drawers, perfect for a nursery. Great bike - it's the basket that does it for me - I see it full of baguettes, pastries and a bunch of fresh flowers! xx


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