Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Willow & Dottie

Oh my we have Chickens...!
After pondering on whether or not to get some for ages, we finally have two.
I was intending on going somewhere to buy a couple of posh birds, lol.
But after I popped over to Hennypenny's Blog Sunniest Side up
I decided that the right thing to do was to adopted some ex battery hens, which of course Henny was until Elaine rescued her from an impeding fate.
Again, that was what I had intended to do, until last Friday evening when a friend rang asking me if I was still thinking of getting some chickens?
Someone she knew had some that needed homes or would be destine for the cooking pot ........! Eek poor Hens.
So that is how we ended up with these two ladies.

Meet a very scruffy Dottie and a not so scruffy Willow.

Milo has been enjoying stalking them around the garden.

He is actually a little scared of them.
I reckon the chickens will soon be in charge of all four cats, oh and me.

Remember I told you my hubby made me a funny little day bed from an old bed?
Well here it is, minus it's nice cushion, nice cushions and Chicken poo just don't go..!

What makes me laugh about the Chickens most is how they go off to bed every night bang on quarter to seven.
Here is their little coop, lovingly sourced from a very good friend ( you know who you are)
Thank you x
I painted it in duck egg blue and popped some spotty oil cloth on the nesting box roof, Dottie approved, Chickens do have standards, don't you know?

On another note I received a lovely little parcel this morning from Justin of SewJustinSew as part of the Pay it Forward.

Thank you so much Justin, I loved the pin cushion it's really sweet, and the fabric is fab.
I shall make something with it and show you at a later date.

I have yet to send my gifts, but I promise they will be on their way soon.
The sun is shinning here and I have to go out in the garden to check up on Willow and Dottie, well that's my excuse, best grab a cuppa and a cake while I am on Hen Patrol.
Hope your all having a lovely day and enjoying this fab weather.

Bye for now.
Em, Willow & Dottie of course !


  1. Oh, how lovely to have chickens in the garden! I am sure they take a lot of your time - just to sit and watch ;-)

    have a great day!

  2. Dottie and Willow Rule the er.. roost!! Yay!! Awww they're adorable and it's great to know that you rescued them from a fate worse than.. well worse!

    I just know they'll soon have the kitties and humans under their gorgeous ample wings! Their coop is adorable!

    Great pay it forward gifts too!

    Take care

  3. Awww lovely chickens. I am loving your chicken coop it is so very stylish(looking better than my own home at the moment ;) )I have to say I don't see the fascination with hens unless they are fab egg layers as I see them as garden destroyers and dinner! But my friend has quite a few and I must admit it is very relaxing and amusing to sit and watch them get on about their business. Congrats on your new family members xxx

  4. Fab Chickens Em! I would love to have chickens but our garden is not suitable, and the boys would probably drive the poor things to distraction! The coop is awesome, the best colour and i like the dotty oilcloth covering!

    Enjoy the new additions to the family!

    Love Vanessa xxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Aah great ! we have 3 Ex-bats and they are great fun, apart from pecking me to bits when I am hanging the washing out :(
    we love them and I havn't seen a slug since we got them !
    Sue x

  6. aaahh those chickens are just adorable - you will fall in love with them, they make fab pets :-)

  7. Oh Em! Love your chickens! My friend has a few in her garden and I could watch them all day! I also love the tasty eggs she gives me when she has more than she can handle! I bet you'll soon have more...specially when word spreads in Chickendom about the deluxe accomodation on offer at your place! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  8. Loving the coop darling! ;o)

    Hello henny pennies, Em will have you all fluffy and gorgeous in no time.

    Can't wait to see what you're going to make with your new fabric and pin cushion. xxx

  9. My Mum has just adopted her neighbours chicken and was worried her cat wouldn't take to kindly to it but when she introduced them the chicken evicted the cat, fur and feathers were flying everywhere. They're getting on much better now that the cat knows who's boss.
    I just love your chicken coop.

  10. Still working on my Man but he seems to be having none of it :(
    Very stylish coop, now I wonder where that could of come from ;)
    Now what are my chances of you popping some eggs in the post top me lol.

    B xxx

  11. Your chickens are sooo cute!!!

  12. Congrats on the chickens, that coopis so very stylish!

  13. How wonderful! My brother keeps chickens, he's got 3 cats too and thy're not bothered at all! The eggs are delicious too!
    Have fun!
    Rachel x

  14. I'd like to move into that little coop - it looks gorgeous. I'd love to keep chickens but we have an aged cat and I'm not sure he would be able to cope with them.
    How lovely they look in your garden xx

  15. HennyPenny says:
    Oh what a delightful hen house...why can't WE have one like that!
    I shall have to have a word with The People.

    You're such a lovely person to rescue the girls, they look realy happy and yes, they will boss the cats about no problem!

    Thankyou for my Sunniest Side Up mention, I'm sorry that The Person has been too busy to dictate this comment before now- she's got s special project that she's going to unveil tomorrow (I hope it isn't more hens, Martina is more than enough to keep in her place!)

  16. Hi!! I noticed your comment abount "Ashton" on another blog . My Aunty and Uncle used to live in Polebrook - next door to Ashton and I always went to the conker championships with them when I was young. They used to live in a cottage owned by Gerard Vaughan - the owner of the big house, and a circus used to over winter in the fields at the back. It wasnt unusual to see 6 elephants wandering through the street! Thanks for the memory - you really took me back. xx

  17. Hello, it is so not fair...I really, really, really would like some chickens. :0( and as for the bike, that is on my list too. I tried getting an old one in France, but no luck.

    Are the chickens still pooooooooing lots! ;-)
    Lou xxx

  18. I'm soooooo jealous! I really would like to keep chickens. My husband tells me we can't because it says so in the deeds. They both look really happy and they must love their new coop...very pretty.

  19. ahh I love the coop. I've been saying all summer that I'm going to paint mine white with a red door but just never got round to it, I have the same one as you - I bought it from an e-bay shop. Your girls are really cute too. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do mine, they provide hours of entertainment and endless eggs for baking :) M x


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