Friday, 24 September 2010

All in a flutter...

Since popping by Sophie's Blog I just can't stop thinking about this..!

I want REALLY really want this wallpaper.
But there is one slight problem, it is £120 per roll from Catkins.
Mmm, and I would need two.
Did you hear that really big sigh?
Hey, maybe I will win the lottery.
Yes I know the chances of that are extremely slim to say the least.

I seem to have a bit of a thing for birds and bird houses.
I am really loving this bed.
How fab would it be to wake up in one of these?
Of course with some of that gorgeous £120 wallpaper adorning the wall behind.

Or maybe I could pop up a little birdhouse light on a wall.
How cute is that?

I did a Google search on birdhouses and found some fabric ones that caught me eye.
How twee are these?

They are by Tamar Mogendorff .

The detail on the ones below is so sweet, I adore the little twig.
They are from RobinsEggBlue.

I rather liked this wallpaper , Ooooo and it's a lot cheaper, haha...!

Oh well off to dream a little more.
Have a fun weekend whatever you do.
Love Em xxx


  1. We must have the same taste, more too add to my list. Me and my mum are going to have a go making the fabric bird houses for Christmas.
    The bird houses on my blog Josh and the OH made...I have got one in my front room.

    Have a lovely weekend Lou xxx

  2. Oh just buy it! Hee hee!
    Buy them all! Because I love them too. xxx

  3. Oh you do make me laugh Em. I think you should treat yourself to the cheaper paper which is still stunning and then make one of those glorious little birdhouses! You know you can do it! Lots of love, Amanda xxx In fact I'm getting the urge to make one myself!!!!

  4. Hi Emma,

    I don't understand why wallpaper must be so expensive!! The one you chose is lovely. It would be perfect for in a garden room :-).

    Wish you a happy weekend!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  5. Great paper ! I saw some in a magazine the other day with pictures of plates all over it which I loved. A lot of eye rolling from husband so maybe not !
    Sue x

  6. Oh these are some adorable wallpaper and fabric bird houses - how pretty!!! Oh but £120 per roll..... I shall dream with you and the lottery win! They are just gorgeous though!

    Take care

  7. What sweet wallpaper. I love the little birdhouse light hanging in the tree! Great ideas.

  8. We can never have enough of bird houses, can we! These are all very cute, Emma. Have a happy weekend. xxx

  9. these are all just wonderful - I love birds, feathers, eggs, spheres, bird houses - so this is just my style! Jennifer

  10. I love the papers! All of much?!!!!!!!!!

    I seem to have a thing for birds also at the moment. I was at an antiques store this week and they had dovecotes there. Beautiful triangular ones. I REALLY want one, but funds cannot stretch, also, would look a little silly in my garden, but a girl can dream!

    Have a super weekend my lovely!

    Vanessa x

  11. The paper is lovely, shame it is so expensive!! The fabric birdhouses are really pretty and colourful.....I am sure there will be a cheaper version of the paper on the market at some point. Good Luck for the lottery tonight!

  12. It is rather gorgeous! I love their plates one too.



  14. I tell you what Em, if I ever win the lottery I'll buy you a couple of rolls.
    See your chances just went up!
    Ali x

  15. I am so glad it isn't just me with the birdie need thing going on. If you have a look at my blog and click on the tag 'Birds' you will see I have a real thing for them.

  16. Ok, this is what I did when I couldn't afford a roll of the Nina Campbell wallpaper I coveted...I went into the shop and asked for a sample, then my Mum went along and did the same then after that my two sisters and my friend got some for me until I had enough to cover the little piece of back wall in my kitchen which I had earmarked for the project. Luckily, the pattern repeat wasn't too hard to match up and with a clever bit of pasting you can't see the joins. Not that I'm advocating everyone should do the same....just sayin!
    (or just send away for a sample and stick it up on your wall in a nice frame!)

  17. Gorgeous paper! You could do as Nana-go-go says and get some samples, even if you don't use the samples to cover the wall you can cut them to size and frame them! That's what I helped my mum do! :) x

  18. Hi Em,thankyou so much for visiting my blog and following me. I loooove little birdgcages too; they are just irrisistable! I am definently going to go and have a look at that paper!! Its just too cute!
    Love your little chickens too. i have two also! They are so much fun to watch! I didnt want them to begin with, but now, i wouldnt be without them!

  19. Gorgeous selection. Do you know who is the designer of the 2nd wallpaper with the bird houses? I would love to add it to our collection of wallapapers

  20. Thanks for visiting my blog, so glad to have found yours. I love the fabric bird boxes, great colours and the bird wallpaper is lovely too.
    Ann x

  21. The birdhouse paper is lush but soooo expensieve, if I had it on a wall in my house I'd never let anyone in that room incase they damaged it!!
    But the Birdy paper is nice too so I'd go with that one then accesorise with some birdhouse decorations.
    Em xxx

  22. Bird house Heaven ! I have a thing for them too. I put one of the kids' hamsters in one & it curled up & went t sleep !

  23. Hi,
    I too love bird houses and agree about that fantastic wallpaper but it is a bit steep but would be so worth it! I love all the images you found of other bird houses too! A lovely blog I look forward to your future posts and findings,

  24. The paper is lovely but hmmmm slightly pricey!!

    Victoria x

  25. THat is a lot of miney but it is soooo fabulous!! You should try to get hold of a sample and frame it!!!

  26. Hello my little cherub fancy meeting you here :)
    Am LOVING that wall paper but on my budget there is no chance, maybe I'll just go mad with my pack of Sharpies :D

  27. That is lovely, lovely wallpaper, but at £120 per roll did you say - oh my that is a lot.

    So lovely to meet you have a wonderful day,

    Nina xxx

  28. I would LOVE wallpaper in my bedroom.I got a shock when I saw how much a roll of Cath Kidston was! Love the little birdhouse light. :o)


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