Wednesday, 29 September 2010

A Morning in Oundle.

When I buy Magazine's I tend to flick through the pages first, just admiring the eye candy, then later I might go back, pick it up again and read through some of the articles.
That's how I came across Foxtail Lilly a wonderful local Florist owned by Tracey Mathieson.
You may have read the same article, it was in Country Living.
Seeing that she also sold hand made gifts and vintage treasures I thought I need to go there and have a peek. So glad I did..!

When we got there we were greet by a pretty garden still full of colour and Tracey's home.
I love the colour of her front door, and sorry Tracey if you ever read this, but I had a little sneaky look while talking to your amazing father through the window, sorry I just couldn't help myself, I am in love your cottage.

Some snaps of the shop.

Tracey also opens her garden several times a year to the public.

Somewhere definitely worth a visit if your anywhere near Oundle.
Tomorrow I am off to visit Chatsworth with my lovely Blogger friend Claire for the day.
I am really looking forward to it, so lets hope the sunshine's for us....Em xxx


  1. I'm just IN LOVE with the colour of that door!
    We went up to Derbyshire a couple of years ago and stayed at the pub in Beeley and visited Chatsworth- it was totally amazing, and the people were really lovely. You'll have a great day out.
    How are the chooks doing?

  2. That is already on my list to visit! It looks so gorgeous; I might have to bring that up to the top of my list.
    I hope all is ok!

    Lou x

  3. Lovely little shop. Are you going for the Auction to Chatsworth? Some beautiful things for sale. Best leave your pennies at home!lol

  4. Hi Em,
    I saw the same article in Country Living and have been meaning to pop over to take a look. It looks like a gorgeous shop and is not far from Northampton.I often go to Oundle especially when the farmers market is on once a month.If you aren't too far away perhaps you might pop along to our vintage fair in Northampton on Oct 23rd, it would be lovely to see you.
    Ann x

  5. I too saw that article. I am soooooo jealous!
    Jille x

  6. Oh it looks absolutely gorgeous, I love stalls like this x

  7. That's just my type of shop pity it's so far away, I just love the colour of the cottage, love Lucey xx

  8. Pretty shop and gardens.

    Looking forward to Chatsworth? That's not what you were saying last night! LOL

  9. Lucky you getting to visit, Tracy also has a blog which makes a rather nice visit too.

  10. Wowsers! That place looks fabulous, right up my street, just my cup of tea!
    You are right, the cottage is beautiful, lucky girl eh!

  11. Awwwww the cottage and garden are absolutely lovely! So perfect! thanks for the info on Tracey's shop - it's truly amazing! Enjoy your day tomorrow - here's hoping for dry nice weather! Take care

  12. Hi Emma,

    I wish I could have joined you to the flowers shop and to Chatsworth as well! The flowershop looks beautiful. Not only from the outside, but inside as well!

    Hope you enjoyed yourself today?!

    Lieve groet, Madelief

  13. I came across the same article in Country Living, looks a lovely place to visit. Love Chatsworth..have a great day!

  14. Oh Em, I am GREEN with envy! ha ha! I read that article and salivated. And Chatsworth? I hope that you had a great time.....judging by your last post, it would appear that you did!!!!!!!! he he!

    Take care

    Vanessa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  15. Cheers ,for the kind words -lovely to meet you. Hope you pop over when we have our Christmas preview?
    All best Tx

  16. What a lovely place, wish I was there.

  17. Helloo.
    I saw the artcle and thought how pretty the outside was. It is lovely to see the interior too. It is gorgeous. Thanks,


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