Friday, 1 October 2010

Worth the trip for a good old Chat "Chatsworth"

I had a really good day yesterday visiting Chatsworth House
with Claire.
As I approached I was greeted with this stunning view...!
Oh and these chaps, excuse me Mr Bull.

We walked around the house, but I kept looking outside.
longing to look at the gardens.

With all the sculptures, it was quite something.

My favorite sculpture.
A giant head full of butterflies.

Mmm cake and wine.

And of course we checked out the shops.
They have some wonderful shops.
These were in the old stable block.

So there you go, our day out at Chatsworth.
Have a nice weekend what ever you do.
I am off to get another chicken, I have gone chicken mad....Em xxx


  1. thanks for sharing - I've always wanted to go to Chatsworth House.x

  2. Glad you had a great day...those sculptures look wonderful. Have a great weekend xx

  3. Looks stunning, I've wanted to go there since seeing it on Antiques Roadshow. On my to do list for next spring! xx

  4. i absolutely love it there...and the shops are fab! x

  5. I'd love to go!
    Love the butterflies but not sure about the statues, they remind me of something (not sure what) and are freaking me out a little!

    B xxx

  6. Looks lovely. I should have warned you that once you get a couple of chickens you need more - they are just so sweet.

  7. I'm glad you had a good time hon ;) xxx

  8. Love the butterfly sculpture :)

  9. Chatsworth House looks stunning!! And the sculptures are fab - love the butterflies too. Mr Bull is gorgeous!! Wine and cake is the best combination!! Thanks for sharing these pics - glad you had a great day!!

    Another chicken??? Yay!!!!! Take care

  10. Would love to visit Chatsworth - looks wonderful

  11. Thank you for reminding me about Chatsworth. Many years ago my then husband(now deceased) and our two children (now grown-up with children of their own) had a wonderful day at Chatsworth. I will have to dig out the photographs and relive those happy times! So glad you enjoyed your trip!

  12. We go each autumn half-term week to see the sculptures - I can't wait now I've seen your photos! It has to be autumn, not only because of the sculptures, but because son no. 1 particularly likes the colours and atmosphere then and it's become an annual family event! xx

  13. It looks like my kind of day out! I don’t think I’ve got any room left on my list, I might just have to add that as well though.

    Beautiful pictures!
    Lou x

  14. Chatsworth is fabulous, glad you had a good time and a natter, oh! and the cake and wine looked pretty good too!

  15. What an amazing place....I want to comment on all of it!

  16. Cake AND wine....lovely. But then again i think i can drink wine with everything :)
    Thanks dear for welcoming me back. It's good to be back.

  17. just a joy to visit via you. Helen x

  18. Love your blog!

    Gorgeous photos of chatsworth house.


  19. Hi Emma,
    Thankyou for calling by, thought I would reciplicate. hatsworth is on our list of places to visit. Your insight has made me more determined to get there! An aunt of mine visited several years ago and brought me a gift from the shop. Can't remember what the gift was but the bag had their recipie for a boiled fruit cake. It was an absolute winner and I make at least 1 a month for the otherhalf's lunch box. And I thought it was only kids who had more enjoyment from the wrappers than the presents.


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