Thursday, 16 December 2010

Just dropping by to say..!

I hope you all have a very
Happy Christmas
and Fabulous New Year.....
Love Em x


  1. Merry christmas and a happy new year to you too, Lucey xx

  2. Hi Em,

    Hope that you and your family have the most wonderful Christmas and Brilliant New Year!

    Much love

    Vanessa xxxx

  3. Hi Em! How lovely to see you here! Have a gorgeous Christmas with your family and all those pets! Loads of love, Amanda xxx

  4. Hello!! Happy Christmas to you too!! I hope you also have a brilliant new year!!!!

    Take care

  5. Thank you and a Happy Christmas to you too! xx

  6. Hi Em
    So lovely to hear from you again, you have been missed.
    Hope everything is well with you.
    A Happy Christmas to you and your family and hope that the New Year brings everything you could wish for.
    Jenny x

  7. HennyPenny says:
    dear Dottie and Willow- you sound like you've landed on your feet with Em...I'd like to have warm weetabix to eat as well, and be dried with a hairdryer...although after the first night I spent in a field in the rain when I escaped the battery house, I was taken home and wrapped in an electric blanket to revive me.
    It was very nice and warming- I wondered if they could put a plug-point in our henhouse so that we could have it on in the cold weather?
    Hope you all have a lovely Christmas,
    HennyPenny and Martina xx

  8. Hi Emma,
    Just popped by to say hello. I picked your link up through Rubyred's blog. Have a great christmas and please feel free to drop by my blog some time
    Jayne x

  9. Hello Emma,
    Have a fabulous Christmas!
    Rachel x

  10. we wish you a most happy festive time. Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xx

  11. Merry Christmas my dear, and thank you for being one of my first followers.

  12. Hope you had a lovely Christmas and wish you a fantastic New Year!!

  13. I hope you had a lovely Christmas. Best wishes for 2011.
    Love from
    Gem xx


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